The Closca Fuga can save your life… and fit in your bag

Anyone who’s ever ridden a bicycle knows that helmets come in all shapes and sizes. Some feature integrated lighting and headphones, while others opt for sustainable builds made of plastic or locally-sourced pine. Nearly all of them come outfitted with ventilation of some sort,  regardless if you intend to head into the city or mountains, providing you with a rigid dome that breathes easy even while it’s protecting your head. However, the Closca Fuga ($100) takes functionality one step further.

Closca Fuga

Designed for the modern space-conscious commuter in all of us, the Closca Fuga features a collapsible design that allows you to stow it in a backpack or messenger bag. The foldable helmet — which collapses to nearly half its size when you press down on the center of the top — is composed of three molded pieces connected via a set of plastic and elastic bands. It stands 5 inches tall when fully erect, but when collapsed for storage, the compact disk measures a mere 2.36 inches in height.

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Moreover, the spaces between the hard-shell components additionally function as built-in vents, allowing air to naturally pass through. Spanish company Closca Design even offers a cloth-covered, removable visor that conveniently pops out for quick cleaning. The best part? Unlike other like-minded folding helmets, the Closca Fuga meets both American and European safety standards, essentially meaning it touts enough foam padding to adequately protect your head if — or more so, when — you take a spill. No wonder the design concept won a 2015 Red Dot Award. Convenience is rarely as simple.

Check out the Closca Fuga online for more information, or a closer look at the Closca Design’s cycling app for Android and iOS devices.

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