Tenkara Rod Co. | A Simpler Way To Fish

If you really want to, you can easily drop thousands of dollars on fishing equipment without breaking a sweat. If you spring for all the top-of-the-line gear –high-tension graphite rods, anodized aluminum reels, invisible flourocarbon lines, and a different lure for every day of the year– it’s fairly easy to sink an entire paycheck into an advanced angling setup.

But truth be told, you don’t need all that crap. Sure, it’s nice to have in certain situations; but more often than not all you need is a a rod, some line, a fly, and some patience. That’s the idea behind Tenkara Rod Co.

Born from a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign that concluded late last year, the Idaho-based company makes minimalist fly fishing rods inspired by the age-old Tenkara fishing method that originated in Japan.

The rods are about as simple as it gets. They start at just 20 inches long, and telescope out to a length of over 12 feet when fully extended. And at just over three ounces, they also weigh just a fraction of a pound — ideal for backpacking trips where every ounce counts.

At this point, they only sell two different models: the Teton, which is the stiffest of the two; and the Sawtooth, which is a bit softer and more flexible. Both rods will only put you back about 130 bucks, and you can get an entire starter kit –complete with leader line, three flies, and a carrying case– for $160.

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