Sutterheim teamed up with Volvo to make this sexy car cover

Holy Swedish collab, Batman! Sutterheim, purveyor of some of the finest raincoats on the planet, has teamed up with automaker Volvo to produce a high-quality, handmade cover for three of its new concept cars. Following the premiere of Volvo’s Concept Coupe and Concept XC, the upcoming long-body coupe (dubbed the Concept Estate) further proves the company’s newfound exploration in Scandanavian creativity and spirit. Although we’re only able to preview the back end of this super sleek automobile, the black Estate Cover contours its body nicely to offer the perfect tease ahead of its official unveiling at the Geneva Motor Show next month.

sutterheim volvo

The cover itself is exactly what you’d expect from Sutterheim. Hand-stitched seams on a rubberized cotton fabric to protect your vehicle from the outer elements as well as keep it warm and ready for its next adventure. For more information on the Estate Cover visit the Stutterheim website for further details.

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