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SoulCycle Celebrates Movember

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When we hear the phrase “Movember” we tend to think about growing out our mustaches and beards, but the month of November is so much more than just about grooming.

The Movember Foundation’s vision is to have an everlasting impact on the face of men’s health (and we show our support by growing out our facial hair) but it’s also about health in general – so our friends at SoulCycle are helping celebrate by getting guys into shape and introducing them to the cult workout so many already love.

For the month of November, SoulCycle is launching the #NoMoExcuses initiative. This means all you first time riders out there will receive a free SoulCycle class – across the country, during the entire month.

The initiative aims to get guys to become more physically active, which actually coincides with the MORE initiative – an initiative to encourage men and women to commit to getting more active throughout the month.

To make this initiative even more enticing, SoulCycle will offer a free ride to guys who are already members, just for referring – just head over to this site to sign up a bro who doesn’t know about the SoulCycle craze.

Since high energy music is such an important part of the experience, SoulCycle will also offer a series of male-focused theme rides, including “Moustached Musicians” and “Jock Jams” to fully celebrate the month.

There are over 32 locations nationwide, and the brand has established itself as a leader in indoor cycling.

The company is also expected to expand to over 60 locations over the next two years – so to get involved in the #NoMoExcuses initiative, check out available locations on their official website.

If you’d like to learn more about the month of Movember you can head on over here.

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