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Get a Month of Sling TV for free for Cyber Monday

If you’ve been able to make it back to your parent’s house this holiday, there’s one comforting thing that they always have on hand. Yes, great food, but besides that, cable. With younger generations turning to streaming services for their entertainment (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO to name a few), it’s hard to justify the bill for your cable subscription. But suppose you long for the good old days of cable. In that case, Sling is offering a fantastic Cyber Monday deal where you can buy one month of the streaming service and get one month entirely for free. That means all the device versatility of streaming with all the choice of cable. We also have plenty of other fantastic Cyber Monday streaming deals such as this Hulu Cyber Monday deal available right now that gets you Hulu for a year for under $25.

If you foresee yourself hunkered down on the couch for the next couple of months (which many of us do), this is a Cyber Monday sale that you can’t pass up. Sling is already a great value at only $30 per month. Now, with this deal, you’re getting two months at half the price! That’s over 50 channels and thousands of movies for only $15 a month for the first two months! If you need it broken down further, that’s 30 cents a channel!

How does Sling TV work?

The great thing about Sling is, the company takes all the good cable channels and bundles them up, getting rid of all the filler. The way it works is this. There’s a Blue and an Orange package. Both packages come with no contracts and ten hours of free DRV.

  • The Blue package is geared more toward news and entertainment. It has channels like TNT, Fox News, CNN, AMC, and FX. The Orange package is good if you have a family or are into sports.
  • The Orange package features ESPN, CNN, Nick Jr, AMC, and TNT. The Blue package allows you to stream on three devices, while the Orange only lets you stream on one. Essentially, it all comes down to where your priorities lie.

The cherry on top of this deal is that if you sign up now, you’ll get access to the 2021 College Football Playoff National Championships on January 11. So you can start planning the watch party now! This can also be an excellent gift for your parents or someone else that has been considering breaking up with their cable company for years. With a deal like this, it should make it easy for them to make the switch. And if they don’t like it, they can end it with no hassles. Whatever you do, don’t sleep on these fantastic Cyber Monday deals.

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