Save Time (and your Fingers) with Kii Ring

It’s the little things in life that can sometimes drive us over the edge: spilled milk, a weak wifi signal, cold coffee, and the constant, rage-inducing chore of trying to remove and adjust keys on a traditional key ring. But, hold on! Take a step back from the ledge and simmer down my friend, because Kii RING is here to save you time and your fingers (it can’t help with that wifi though).

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kii ringAs Kii Ring’s creator Hieu Nguyen notes, “Key rings are hard to use, requiring force and prying. They chip fingernails, hurt, and cause relentless frustration.” To prevent such frustration and damage, Kii RING was designed, unlike other key rings, with ease of access and use in mind. Made of high-strength, stainless steel, Kii RING stands apart from its competitors by flattening the traditional metal spiral and adding a small tab that extends beyond the lip of the ring itself. This tab provides a leverage point for users to simply wedge their key up, on, in, and then finally around the spiral. This whole process takes less than a few seconds and, after the first try, can be done in one fluid motion ever after. Compare that with the key ring you have in your pocket now and you’ll understand why this seemingly innocuous modification is actually a genius-level life-hack.

kii ringInterest is so high in the Kii RING, its Kickstarter has raised more capital than was requested and there’s still a month to go. And that’s because, with four colors and two sizes, Kii RING is the answer to your key organization needs. No more janitor jangles here; the Kii RING dual-size system allows for you to quickly organize your keys by offsetting smaller Kii RINGs, providing quicker identification and (if necessary) removal. Beyond the standard uses for a key ring, Kii RING’s tab and lip feature opens itself up to other usage options. Nguyen recommends using Kii RING as a TSA-safe zipper lock for your bags or suitcases. He even suggests using it as a money clip on those days when a wallet isn’t wanted or required.

Pledges from backers start as low as $7.00 for two Kii RINGs, so the price is right for something that will save you time and effort for years to come. Production is slated to begin in October and backers should receive their first Kii RINGs in December of this year, just in time for the holidays.

Although this product might not change your life, it will certainly make it a little easier. And even if Kii RING isn’t your style, your wife or girlfriend might want one to protect and preserve her precious (and costly) manicure.

Visit Kii RING’s Kickstarter for more information and to see videos on how it works.

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