Peak Design’s Give a Shot Program Harnesses the Power of Creatives for Social Good

peak design give a shot program
Peak Design is best known for crafting innovative gear for the adventurous photographer. If you’re looking for durable, award-winning bags and accessories to help you capture the world, then give Peak Design a shot.

But, before you do, you should know that Peak Design has the Give a Shot program, a free and easy-to-navigate online hub developed to link creators and nonprofit organizations. Together, these entities can help each other out and make the world a better place.

Simply put, Give a Shot provides a platform for photographers and videographers to find a volunteer projects that suit their interests. On the flip side, nonprofits gain high quality assets to help with their cause. Visual storytelling is powerful, and it can be one of the best methods a nonprofit uses to grow awareness.

To encourage this relationship with non-profits, Peak Design  partnered with 1% For The Planet and The Conservation Alliance to offer memberships and bring about a even broader network of opportunities. In addition to the implicit gratification involved, a creator will also earn a gift card to stock up on Peak Design gear (the brand has curated some stellar bundles that’ll coincide with your lifestyle, like the weatherproof, outdoor-ready Mudslinger ($310) and the frequent flier companion, Globetrotter).

Since it’s creation, the Give A Shot program has completed over 50 projects with the help of 170 creators and organizations, including Where the Wild Things Are (pictured above), in which a team of creators went to Alaska’s Chilkat Valley to document the land and livelihoods that will be impacted by soon-to-be-approved metal mines in the area.

If you’re a creative looking for a project, start here. If you’re a nonprofit looking to submit a project, head here.


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