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Will there be an Outer Range season 3?

Will this Amazon Prime Video show be back?

The cast of Outer Range.
Prime Video

What’s the only show that mixes Yellowstone with a side of science fiction? It’s Outer Range, one of the best shows on Amazon Prime Video. Much like Yellowstone did with Kevin Costner, Outer Range cast a movie star, Josh Brolin, to headline the series as a rancher. The parallels between the two shows are also apparent when Royal Abbott (Brolin) and his family try to keep their rivals, the Tillersons, from stealing their land out from under them. That’s a common theme on Yellowstone as well.

Outer Range starts heading off into its own territory when Royal discovers a black void on his property that can bend time and space. If anyone goes through the hole, they could wind up in the past or the future. And as we’ve started to definitively learn in season 2, it’s possible for someone to change the past after they’ve traveled through the void. The big question now is whether Amazon Prime Video is going to bring viewers back for Outer Range season 3.

Has Prime Video ordered Outer Range season 3?

The void in Outer Range.
Prime Video

As of June 2024, the answer is no. Outer Range season 3 is not currently in the cards, but that doesn’t preclude Prime Video from renewing the show at a later date. While it may not be encouraging that Prime Video didn’t immediately renew Outer Range, there was a six-month gap between the premiere of season 1 and the renewal announcement for season 2. Then there was a two-year gap between seasons 1 and 2. So even if Outer Range is renewed this year, season 3 may not arrive until 2026.

Does Josh Brolin want to return for Outer Range season 3?

Josh Brolin in Outer Range.
Prime Video

Yes. If there’s any positive indication for season 3, it’s Brolin’s enthusiasm for the show.

“The idea of a season 3 is very intriguing and not something I would necessarily, in most cases, look forward to,” Brolin told Variety. “Wanting to carry a character that far for that long, even the idea of doing a play for two years just sounds awful to me. You want to get in there, 12 weeks of work, have your impact, hope it is good and get out. I think that is much more my mentality, and it is why I got out of TV in the first place… But this is different. This has its hook in me. I don’t know exactly why. I don’t think any of us does.”

How did Outer Range season 2 end?

Imogen Poots as Autumn in Outer Range.
Prime Video

With big trouble ahead, and potentially a brand new history for the show’s characters. Royal has told his wife, Cecilia Abbott (Lili Taylor), that they’re going to have to fight time. Time may already be fighting them. Autumn (Imogen Poots), the future version of Royal’s granddaughter, Amy (Olive Elise Abercrombie), has ensured her own personal timeline by forcing her younger self into the void, which sent her the future that shaped Autumn into the woman that Amy is now destined to become. While Autumn was seemingly killed in the process, her apparent resurrection only leads to more questions.

Perhaps the adult Autumn/Amy came back to life because her father, Perry Abbott (Tom Pelphrey), changed the past in a way that shouldn’t be possible. Perry kept his younger self from killing Trevor Tillerson (Matt Lauria) in a bar fight, only for Perry’s younger self to die instead of Trevor. Somehow, this did not erase future Perry from existence, and he took over his younger self’s life after dumping his body in the void. In the present, all of these timeline changes caused Royal to collapse.

And we won’t know what happened next unless Outer Range gets a third season.

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