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The LooLoo is a Bathroom Stink Preventer and Night Light in One

Stuff happens. Specifically stinky, wake-the-dead-only-to-re-kill-them-with-the-horrendous-stench stuff.

But hey, we’re not judging. We’ve all fallen victim to that can’t-pass-up plate of frijoles, or that just-a-few-days-out-of-date tuna salad sandwich and had the concomitant devastating diarrhea, along with the odor that accompanies it. And when you have company over — whether that be family, friends, or God forbid, a date — you want everything to remain as fresh as possible on the bathroom front, for both yourself and others.

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To cut off stink at the pass, don’t rely on cover-up sprays and air fresheners, instead, get a LooLoo.

Despite its cutesy, slightly British-sounding name, the LooLoo is an inexpensive, odor-preventing device that every guy needs in his bathroom (well, at least his publicly used bathroom, you can skip inclusion in the master if you want, though we wouldn’t recommend it). The brand sent us a LooLoo for review and, honestly, we weren’t expecting this to be anything more than a novelty, but we have inhaled the citrus-scented air of a bowel movement accompanied by LooLoo and we can say without hesitation that we loved using this product.

So, “How does it work?” you ask, and, “How is LooLoo better than my aerosol air freshener?”

Simply put, the LooLoo attaches directly to the rim of your toilet and using a combination of motion and heat sensors it will turn on a nightlight (with nine different colors to choose from) and spritz a shot of citrus essentials oils onto the water in the toilet bowl. This spray of essential oils creates a barrier that unwelcome odors can’t escape past, therefore preventing them from ever becoming airborne in the first place.

If you’re worried about waste (wasting the 200-shot aerosol cartridge that the scented oils come in, that is), don’t be – the spray only occurs when someone has actually sat down, thus triggering the heat sensor. If you just stand to pee, no spray will come out. Boom, no waste.

Beyond the freshening and preventative automatic spray, the nightlight option might just be the LooLoo’s best feature. The light is bright enough to illuminate the toilet bowl (perfect for nocturnal evacuations), but gentle enough not to wake you up fully.

Overall, we’ve spent $40 on worse things — including terribly bad dinners that gave us the shits. For our money, we’d rather have the LooLoo.

LooLoo Starter Kit

If you’re looking for other ways to make your bathroom habits more hygienic, we recommend trying out a bidet attachment. Seriously.

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