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Layla Labor Day Sale 2021: Save on Mattresses and Pillows TODAY

It’s Labor Day weekend, and that means Labor Day mattress sales. But forget wandering from mattress store to mattress store, lying on hundreds of gross beds looking for the most comfort for the best price. Get a mattress shipped straight to your door, and save money doing it, through this Layla Labor Day sale.

Layla has tons of deals this weekend, like a steep discount on their trademark flippable memory foam mattress, free pillows with purchases, and more. Layla is a mattress-in-a-box brand, so they’ll ship everything straight to you. Layla slashed prices on a dozen different individual products and bundles. At the link below, you can save up to $950 on a full sleep bundle, which includes the mattress and an adjustable bed frame. Just need the mattress by itself? Don’t worry, you’ll still save $200. Check out our picks for the best Layla mattress deals below, but don’t forget to browse the full sale.

Layla Memory Foam Pillow — $69, was $89

Woman laying on a Layla pillow and smiling

Been using the same pillow since college? It’s time to upgrade—your neck will thank you. The Layla Memory Foam pillow is sturdy but soft. Made with shredded memory foam, it can be adjusted to the perfect height by adding or removing some of the filling. Get it to just the right height to keep your spine straight all night, then snuggle in. The pillow will keep its shape all night long. The breathable pillow cover is made from polyester, the same material most exercise apparel is made from. You’ll save $20 with this deal, so treat yourself before it’s gone.

Layla Memory Foam Mattress — $949, was $1,099

Save $150 on a new queen mattress from Layla this weekend. This is Layla’s classic “flippable” mattress. One side is soft, the other side is firm, so you can adjust to the support you need without getting a whole new bed. Between the soft and hard side are four layers made from various materials. Two are supporting foam layers, and two are Layla’s Cooper-Gel Memory Foam. Layla is particularly proud of their Copper-Gel layers, which react to increased pressure by firming up. That means the deepest pressure points on the bed, your upper body and hips, will get increased support the more they dig into the foam.

Layla Hybrid Mattress — $1,499, was $1,699

A Layla Hybrid mattress with sheets and pillows

Layla’s Hybrid mattress has everything their Memory Foam mattress has, but with one big addition. It’s still flippable, with a soft and firm side, and still has Copper-Gel and support layers. The Hybrid mattress sets itself apart with the added Infinity Edge coil layer. This is a six-inch row of individually wrapped coils in the center of the mattress. This gives the bed more strength, so the edges can support more weight, and the bed has the feel of a more traditional mattress overall. You’ll save $200 with this deal and get two free memory foam pillows!

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