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Jason Statham Lives in a Surprisingly Low-Key House and Now It Could Be Yours

There aren’t many Hollywood stars as badass as Jason Statham. The action movie actor has made a name for himself by being tough and kicking bad guys’ butts over a career that has spanned nearly three decades. With the Machiavellian attitude typical of the characters he plays on screen, you would expect his house to be a brooding brutalist man cave with knives and guns hanging on the walls in place of artwork. But the down-to-earth actor actually calls an oceanside, zenful retreat home — and now it could be yours.

Williams & Williams Estates Group

Dubbed Black House, Statham’s home is currently up for sale and asking just under $20 million. It’s been his place to unwind after a day on set since 2009. Decked out in a stylish combo of mid-century modern meets cool California vibes, Black House is surprisingly bright and airy on the inside. It’s the outside that gives the home its name. 

Located near the end of Malibu Colony Road, the home is as close to the ocean as you can get. In order to protect it from the harsh salt air, the home is clad in black cedar shingles — giving it the moniker Black House. The outside of the residence has a beachy minimalist vibe thanks to the black shingles and the Burmese teak wood used on the decks. This dark exterior is a big contrast from the bright finishes used on the interior.

Williams & Williams Estates Group

Relaxation was the driving force for the design of this oceanside retreat. The soothing tones of the color palette are a reflection of the sands of the home’s private beach. Furnishings are all about comfort, with plush upholstered seating, fluffy area rugs, and even a few (stylish) bean bag chairs scattered throughout the home.

The finishes all speak to the creation of a zenful space. Flooring is light Belgian oak, walls of glass capture calming ocean views, and doors can be opened to let in fresh breezes. Natural tones were used throughout, like the chocolate brown cabinetry in the kitchen, creamy off-white paint on the walls, and the rattan seating in the dining room. Even though the interior design of Black House speaks to simplicity, the home is still a luxury escape worthy of the $19,950,000 price tag.

Spreading out over 3,909 square-feet, Black House is made up of a Bulthaup kitchen, three bedroom suites, several lounge spaces, an office, and a guest house connected to the main house by a patio complete with its own Jacuzzi. 

One of the most impressive areas of the home is the main deck which faces the water. Glass walls were installed rather than standard deck railings. This allows for unobstructed views of the ocean when kicking back in the lounge chairs. A door in the wall leads down to the home’s private beach – a bonus feature that is one of the best parts of the property. 

Overall, Black House is a perfect example of how simplicity can be luxurious. If you want those relaxing California beach vibes for your own home, it’s easier to pull off than you think. You don’t need Jason Statham money to cultivate a zenful abode, you just need to know where to shop. Places like offer pieces that are similar to the high-end furnishings at much better prices. Start with a blank slate of light wood veneer floors and creamy off-white walls. A cushy upholstered sofa, a few mid-century modern-inspired armchairs, and a Safavieh shag rug create the laidback look found in the sitting area of Black House. Set up a music listening area to add another level of zen and you’ve got yourself the perfect space to unwind after a hectic day of fighting off bad guys … or filing papers, whichever your job entails. 

23330 Malibu Colony is currently listed by Williams & Williams Estates Group.

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