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Bottled Sunshine: Peared Creation Industrial Style Lighting

You might not think about it, but the right lighting can have a profound effect on the mood of a given room. This isn’t just some hoity-toity interior decorator advice either – it’s science. Different wavelengths of light affect your brain chemistry in different ways. I won’t get too deep into the geekery behind it, but its all about this chemical called melatonin that’s secreted by your pineal gland.  Read up on it if you like; it’s pretty fascinating stuff and makes an interesting conversation topic.

Even without all the science, it’s pretty easy to understand how light affects your mood. We all tend to feel happier and more relaxed when we’re outside under the sun, and tend to get anxious and irritable after too many hours under harsh florescent tubes. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that having good, soft lighting in your house can make a huge difference on how relaxed you feel when you’re at home. Switching out your lightbulbs is definitely a start, but if you want a little bit more character to your living room, check out these awesome industial style bottle lamps from Peared Creations.

The industrial look obviously won’t work in every space, but if you’ve got that rustic Southern aesthetic going on in your home, these lamps would fit perfectly. They come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and designs, but all make use of the same simple materials: black iron pipes, elbow joints, faucet handles, cloth covered-cords, and empty bottles of booze. They aren’t just any old beer bottles though – Peared Creations sources their bottles from historic breweries located all over the US, so if you want to show off a little local flavor, you can get a lamp that’s custom fitted with a bottle from your area.

Check out all of the designs at

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