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IN-VEST-2A few years back I opted for an enhanced New York State license, which allowed me to travel to neighboring countries without a passport. This awesome addition was the envy of many of my friends. It also came with a strange metallic envelope, which I rarely used and then eventually lost. Well it turns out that that annoying little envelope was supposed to protect my ID from RFID (Radio Frequency Identification readers). Well that’s just great. But now there is a solution for me – and all the semi-paranoid techies out there. An RFID Blocking Vest by SCOTTeVEST.

SCOTTeVEST has been developing tech-enabled clothing since 2000, and is well known for their many, many pocketed vests, (over ten million pockets sold!) but this new collection of products are intended to protect customers from people using technology to exploit weaknesses in cell phones, credit cards and passports.

This vest is the company’s number one selling travel vest. It has 26 pockets for all your necessities (passports, documents, water, enhanced ID envelope) and it will protect you valuables from high tech skimmers that can steal your personal information and identity. Obviously (and most importantly) – it looks good. The vest also comes in a variety of colors.

Radio-Frequency Identification security has become a growing concern in our world today because we store so much informational on all of our smart devices – so this vest might be something worth considering.

If RFID is something that concerns you – or you’re just in the mood for a cool vest, make sure to check out the collection here. 

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