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Don’t Forget: Luca is now Streaming on Disney+

Is it even possible to resist watching Pixar movies? We’re not convinced, and right now, there’s a new one to check out on Disney+ — Luca. The 26th movie from the acclaimed animation studio, Luca has been available to stream exclusively on Disney+ since June 18 and tells the story of Luca, a shy teenage boy who learns to live life to the fullest when he encounters the far braver and more confident, Alberto. Here’s how to watch Luca online.

Directed By: Enrico Casarosa
Cast: Jacob Tremblay, Jack Dylan Grazer, Emma Berman, Saverio Raimondo, Maya Rudolph, Jim Gaffigan
Runtime: 95 minutes

How to Watch Luca Online in the U.S.

Luca is available exclusively via Disney+. Unlike other recent releases, it’s available to all Disney+ subscribers. There’s no need to pay extra via Disney+ Premier Access, so your usual Disney+ subscription has you covered.

Set in the fictional seaside town of Portorosso, Luca tells the story of Luca (voice acted by Jacob Tremblay) who is a shy teenage boy who’s always afraid to push the boundaries too far. That is until he meets Alberto (played by Jack Dylan Grazer), a far more confident teenager who’s keen to help Luca live life to the full. There’s a slight catch here. Both Luca and Alberto are sea monsters who have been forbidden to approach the surface by their parents for good reason — humans may hunt them. Despite the risk, Luca and Alberto vow to travel the world on a Vespa bike and many adventures ensue.

We all know what to expect from Pixar. The visuals look gorgeous and the story is charming, heartwarming, as well as very funny in places too.

If you’re an active Disney+ subscriber, you can head over to the app or website and watch Luca immediately as part of your subscription plan. Alternatively, if you’re new to Disney+ and haven’t signed up yet, the Disney+ subscription will cost you $8 per month or $80 per year. A better deal is to upgrade to the Disney+ Bundle and get Disney+ along with ESPN+ and Hulu (ad-supported) for just $14 per month. Combined, you should be set up with plenty of entertainment options here. Subscribing to Disney+ gives you full access to all things Disney including the full Pixar back catalog so there’s a ton of great movies here, before you delve into the Marvel and Star Wars back catalog that’s also available through the service. We’ve already looked at the best movies on Disney+ to save you the effort.

Luca is available to stream now exclusively via Disney+.

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