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Watch Incredibles 2 Online: Stream the Blockbuster Movie Now

Everyone loves superhero movies, right? And how could anyone resist Pixar movies too? Combine the two and you get Incredibles 2, the smash-hit animated movie that looks at the perils of juggling superhero work with family life. It’s possible to watch Incredibles 2 via Disney+ so you can revel in all the joy and laughter it brings with all the family. Telling the story of how the Incredibles try to restore the public’s trust in superheroes while also balancing their family life, it’s a great twist on a familiar format. Here’s how to watch Incredibles 2 online.

Directed By: Brad Bird
Cast: Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter, Samuel L. Jackson, Bob Odenkirk, Catherine Keener
Runtime: 118 minutes

How to Watch Incredibles 2 Online in the U.S.

Disney+ is the home of all things Pixar which means all 26 movies and counting from the iconic animation studio. That also means it’s the home of Incredibles 2 with the movie included in your usual Disney+ subscription.

Incredibles 2 picks up directly after the events of the previous movie, following the Incredibles and Frozone as they battle The Underminer in a bid to prevent him from destroying City Hall. Unsuccessful, it leads to a backlash against superheroes with the Incredibles having to do all they can to regain the trust of their city while also juggling family life. That means plenty of opportunities for some funny experiences and some memorable adventures. It’s the ideal movie for all the family to indulge in and talk about for a while afterward too.

If you’re already an active Disney+ subscriber, you can watch Incredibles 2 by simply heading over to the app or website and hitting the play button. However, if you haven’t signed up to Disney+ yet, the Disney+ subscription will cost you $8 per month or $80 per year. If you want to enjoy an even better deal, you can upgrade to the Disney+ Bundle and get Disney+ along with ESPN+ and Hulu (ad-supported) for just $14 per month. That gives you plenty of fantastic entertainment for less.

However you sign up, Disney+ offers tremendous value for money giving you the full Pixar back catalog along with all things Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars too. Once you’ve checked out Incredibles 2, look up the 10 best movies on Disney+ to continue the fun.

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