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Homesick Candles bring you back home

homesick candles
Do you ever long for the familiarity of home? We all know that scent has the power to conjure up fond memories, especially the scent of where you came from. The guys over at Homesick Candles know that feeling personally, considering the company was started by a group of friends who come from states that they still feel close to. They founded the company to make sure that those of us who were homesick could feel close to home no matter where they lived.

Now just how did they interpret the scent of home? For Northern California, they opted to use pear and redwood. Quite accurately so, they split California in two, creating a scent for Southern California with hints of cactus, orange and the ocean. New York got pumpkin and apple, while Illinois was made with grain fields, lavender and violets. For South Carolina, they added notes of sweet tea and and magnolia. Hints of bourbon and mint are the main components that go into the Kentucky candle. Mountain spruce and ski lodge went into the Colorado candle. For Arizona they used desert sand and blue agave.

Each candle is 100 percent made in the U.S.A. from all-natural soy wax. They burn from 60-80 hours and they’re hand poured and shipped in less than a week. Plus, they’re light, weighing in at 13.75 ounces each. Get one for yourself when you’re feeling homesick. They also make perfect gifts for anybody you know who just might long for the scent of where they came from.

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