Feel Good Friday – Cowboy Charcoal Partners with Operation BBQ Relief

feel good friday cowboy charcoal partners with operation bbq relief
With grilling season upon us, you are going to be hearing a lot of experts pontificate on the best charcoal to use for the perfect summer grill. While there are a plethora of options out there, we are saddling up to Cowboy Charcoal. Not only are they a premium charcoal maker, but they have partnered up with Operation BBQ Relief to support victims of disaster across the United States.

Made in America, Cowboy Charcoal comes in a variety of styles from Southern Lump Charcoal, which uses the highest quality Southern hardwoods, to BBQ Wood Chunks, which burn more slowly to provide steady smoke and a robust flavor.

feel good friday cowboy charcoal partners with operation bbq relief

Founded in 2011, Operation BBQ Relief grew from the relief efforts in Joplin, Missouri after their terrible tornado, which killed 140 and injured more than 1,000. It was the second deadliest tornado in U.S. history.

In response to the need to feed countless displaced families, police, firemen and the National Guard, competition barbecue teams from eight states came to the rescue. The group, headed by Stan Hays (County Line Smokers), Jeff Stith (Big Creek BBQ) and Will Cleaver (Sticks N Chicks BBQ), was able to serve more than 120,000 barbecue meals in less than two weeks during the operation in Joplin.

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“We are incredibly proud to be partnering with Operation BBQ Relief, it is an organization we’ve long admired, and we couldn’t be happier for the opportunity to come together to help people in need,” said Don Crace, Vice President of Sales. “The goal of the partnership is to increase resources and awareness for disaster victims and first responders across America.”

feel good friday cowboy charcoal partners with operation bbq relief

Stan Hays, Executive Director and Co-Founder of Operation BBQ Relief explained that, “As a nonprofit, Operation BBQ Relief relies on partners and volunteers for success in living out our mission, and our partnership with Cowboy provides a phenomenal opportunity to further that success. At the end of the day, our goal is to be able to react faster and with greater force to support disaster victims, and the Cowboy team is helping to get us there.”

The Operation BBQ Relief and Cowboy Charcoal partnership will be kicking-off its 2015 program in conjunction with barbecue season by traveling to barbecue events and competitions across the U.S. to raise funds and spread the word about its mission, sharing incredible food, recipes and tips along the way.  Follow them on Twitter (@OpBBQRelief) and see if they will be smoking in your neck of the woods this summer.


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