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Easy Guest Room Ideas to Impress this Holiday Season

The holidays are rapidly approaching and that means guests will be descending upon your home before you know it. If your guest room looks a bit drab, don’t panic. We’ve got you covered with these easy tips to set up a luxurious space that will make visitors feel right at home.

Start with a Warm Welcome

Naturally, you will welcome your guests when they arrive at your home. But once they are ready to settle into their room, a simple welcome note on the bedside table will make a big impact. It’s the way boutique hotels welcome guests, and it will show your visitors that you put time and thought into their stay. Be sure to include important information like the alarm code to the house, how to use the TV remote, and, most importantly, the Wi-Fi password.

guest room ideas bedroom side table
Logan Nolin

Splurge on the Bedding

Two things make for an amazing stay: great sheets and the perfect pillow. Outfit the bed with Brooklinen’s Luxe Core Sheet Set, but be warned: Your guests may spend their whole stay in bed. Pair it with the company’s down alternative pillow to ensure they have the best night’s sleep ever.

Next level: Go with white sheets for that luxury hotel vibe.

Provide Toiletries

Guests will most likely be bringing their own toothbrush, deodorant, and comb, but supplying a few extras will be much appreciated. Take another cue from luxury hotels and provide shampoo, mouthwash, and lotion in travel size containers. Add in cotton swabs, flossers, and a unique bar of soap like this apple cider vinegar one from The Vermont Country Store. Place everything in this handmade leather valet tray from Etsy shop Wizened Oak Leather.

Gifting: This tray can be monogrammed for your guests to take home after their stay.

Supply a Space to Store Their Stuff

Providing space for your guests to unpack their suitcase will make them feel truly welcome. If your guest room is used as storage for the other 11 months out of the year, you should pack away your own items for the time being. Provide at a few empty dresser drawers and half of a closet for guests to hang up their clothes.

Optional: Place a small bench at the foot of the bed to be used as a luggage rack.

guest room ideas storage
Andrik Langfield

Don’t Forget Water

Have you ever been a guest in someone’s house, only to wake in the night wanting a glass of water, but you just stay in bed because you aren’t sure where the glasses are and you don’t want to wake your hosts? Me too. That’s why putting out a water pitcher and glass is a necessity. Grab this minimalist carafe and glass set to place on top of the dresser next to the toiletries tray.

Reminder: Be sure the pitcher is refilled every night for your guests’ late-night drink emergencies.

Set Up a Mini-Bar

When your guest first arrives, use that water pitcher to put out some whiskey to welcome them. Get your visitors excited about your area by giving them some locally made snacks, like the Hazelnut Crunch Bar from Alma (for folks in the Northwest) or a bag of fried pickle chips (for folks in the South).

Create Cozy Vibes

These are small touches that will take your guest room from ordinary to luxurious. Set the mood with a candle from Wooly Beast. Scents such as Spiked Eggnog and Winter Wonderland will set the holiday mood and make your guests feel like they are on a luxury retreat.

For the final wow factor, indulge your visitors with a brand-new pair of soft, fluffy slippers. You can get a six-pack of the same fleece ones that hotels use — and doesn’t everyone get excited about hotel slippers?

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