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Dove Men+Care’s New Video Reminds Us Father’s Day Isn’t Just For Dads

Celebrate Men Who Are There to Care This Father's Day | Dove Men+Care - 0:30
Being a father is about more than chopping wood and bringing home the bacon.

Dove Men+Care unveiled their new video, ‘There to Care,’ that reminds us Father’s Day is about more than celebrating biological paternity.

It’s about the men and father figures (uncles, coaches, teachers, or grandfathers) that played an instrumental role in shaping our conception of masculinity to include more than providing financial support and chopping wood in the backyard.

These men showed us what care looks like.

The top global expert on modern dads at work, Josh Levs, told The Manual, “Father figures give young people, particularly boys, multiple ways of understanding what it means to become a man.”

In the sentimental video by Dove Men+Care, we see four real home videos capturing nontraditional father figures showing their support— including middle school football coach Larry Gilmer, uncle Scott Tarabilda from Seattle, fifth-grade teacher Barry White Jr. (he personalizes a handshake for every one of his students), and grandfather Martin O’Brien (pie in the face!).

The spot collages these men as a stunning reminder that the true heroes of Father’s Day aren’t always the dads.

“People have stepped up as father figures,” says masculinity expert Dr. Michael Kimmel, including non-biological fathers like neighbors, extended family, the clergy, etc. “The idea of masculinity… has expanded to include the emotional side – caring for others, caring for self, being emotionally expressive are all a part of being a modern man,” he adds.

So it goes to show, Father’s Day should mean more than buying a pre-written Hallmark card and sending it to your pops who shoots you a line once a year.

It should be about highlighting the men that went out of their biological obligation to care, and who helped you understand what “manliness” means.

Share who this person is to you by tagging @DoveMenCare on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, and hashtagging #ThereToCare.

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