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This Aston Martin Coffee Table Costs $17,000

It’s not uncommon to want a cool coffee table. However, it’s Discommon to get a $17,000 coffee table designed with a mini replica Aston Martin supercar carved into the center.

The “Valkyrie” coffee table is made by car-obsessed accessories brand Discommon and features a bodacious Aston Martin Valkyrie hypercar emerging from the raw material as if surfacing from the depths of a smooth lake.

And the curves are expertly recreated from the real-life Valkyrie. Made in a limited-production with Aston Martin and Red Bull Racing, only 150 of the life-size hypercar were made. And they run $3.2 million a pop. I mean, the car takes its name from the mythic angels that serve Odin, God of wisdom and death, plus  it’s a hybrid electric so the price is … fair?

The Discommon Valkyrie table, however, is more attainable, even at its $17,000 price tag for the textural walnut version. Discommon also makes a full aluminum version out of a four-inch thick block of metal. That model is a crazy $20,000.

For a table. You put coffee on. It does complete our auto-inspired home interior, though.

$17k is the price you pay for 50 hours of design time and hands-on involvement throughout the process, “picking surface finishes, working on a texture plan, approving the vehicle design, and finally picking the hard anodize color,” Discommon says. You are just as much a designer on the project as their experts.

Aston Martin isn’t the only luxury brand to rise up from the grain as Discommon looked for inspiration in other luxury brands too. The full “Table” line includes 10 distinct coffee table designs including one with a Lamborghini Miura, a Tag Heuer Monaco, Ford GT, and F40 Ferrari— all emerging from the center of the table like the Valkyrie.

More of a ship or plane guy? Discommon will let you pick your favorite car, boat, or airplane to build the coffee table around.

This Table project is one of Discommon’s biggest yet, having dabbled in t-shirts, whiskey tumblers, and a neon sign reading, “Need Money for F40.” Clearly, they understand the chords to our soul and are making them sing. We do indeed need money for a Ferrari.

What’s unique about their method of manufacturing is that each designer flies under the radar. “This is the real mischief,” Discommon says, “Our designers go unnamed… Most of them are heads of design departments in globally recognized brands. We offer them an outlet to moonlight, some creative freedom, but more importantly, a guarantee that we will make whatever badass gear they design with us.”

The concept could also be put as: Cool ideas are made into cool products without needing an “ok” from a product team.

As a team obsessed with super yachts and automotive alchemy, we feel right at home with Discommon, which is why their Aston Martin coffee table needs a place in our living room.

… so make sure you invest in good coasters.

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