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Why I’m Buying This Miracle Massage Gun This Cyber Monday

We’re well into Cyber Monday, which means countless markdowns on some of the best kitchen gadgets, fashion duds, and camping gear, just in time for the holiday season (Winter is coming!). While more altruistic shoppers are scouring deals to gift to their loved ones, I’m partaking in the great American tradition of treating yourself. To paraphrase the late Coco Chanel — the best ways to practice self-care are free, the second-best is quite expensive. To be more specific, I’m talking about the ultra-luxe massage gun that’s swept Instagram. While it typically retails at $250, it’s on sale for Cyber Monday at $175 — here’s why I’m copping it, and why you should too.

The Lifepro Pulse Fx shot to social media stardom thanks to its sleek, agile design, and — most importantly — its promise to instantly soothe muscle aches. It kind of looks like a fancy power screwdriver, but comes with five detachable massage heads that’s powered by a 250W motor to deliver a rapid-fire jolt to your muscles, kneading out any kinks or aches. And these days, when it’s been nearly impossible to schedule a session with a masseuse or chiropractor, the Pulse Fx the closest thing we’ll get to a deep tissue massage.

And if you’re a skeptic of its purported benefits, fret not. The massage gun has received rave reviews on Amazon. One satisfied customer said that the Pulse Fx “does an amazing job on those with low pain tolerances, yet is aggressive enough for those with high pain tolerance.” Athletes and runners have said that after shooting themselves with the Pulse Fx for a few minutes, they’ve noticed their recovery time shorten in between workouts.

But you don’t have to be an ironman or marathoner to use this massage gun. Take it from me, a guy who spends most of the workday hunched over in front of a computer, which can cause muscle imbalances — and you guessed it — shoulder and back pain by dinner time. Lifepro’s marquee product is the perfect salve to my aches. So if you’re in the market for a massage gun that works, the Pulse Fx is your best bet. And thanks to Amazon’s super sweet markdown on Cyber Monday, there has never been a better time to invest in yourself.

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