Commit to Fit: Will Torres Gives Expert Tips on Getting in Shape for the New Year

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New years resolutions – easier said than done, right? Whether you want to get fit or quit smoking, staring down a year of grueling work and dedication can be daunting. But you don’t have to go it alone. We caught up with fitness expert Will Torres, one of the most sought-after trainers in the business and founder of fitness Mecca willspace, to get some advice on how to start getting fit now and continue with your routine the whole year through.

When it comes to New Years resolutions, losing weight and getting fit is number one. But it can be intimidating to look into the year ahead and develop a plan. What is the first thing you tell a new client to place him or her in the right mindset to get started?

The first thing you want to do is create your schedule. Figure out what days of the week and what time of day work best for you. It’s important to stick to the schedule for at least 30 days so it becomes a habit for your body and your mind. Commit to the schedule, even if you have to do the workout for a shorter period of time – consistency trumps intensity every time. Results won’t come overnight, so it’s important to chip away at it slowly. To avoid overtraining, don’t start too intensely your first week back.

It’s no secret personal training is more beneficial than just simply hitting the gym. Besides physical results, do you think it also creates mental discipline when the routine is customized specifically for you? How do you develop this training at willspace?

A custom designed program is really important. But what makes the training unique at willspace is the program evolves one step ahead of the body, constantly challenging it. When people do the same routine, they tend to plateau. But when you’re body doesn’t know what to expect, it always works at its fullest potential. Having an appointment certainly helps with the discipline and creating a mental habit, but the coaches at willspace also help develop mental toughness, pushing beyond what people think their limits are.

Many blame a busy schedule for preventing them from getting fit. What is the secret to making time in your calendar for a regular workout?

There’s always time in the day. Working out will allow your body and mind to perform at a higher level, which directly affects how you perform personally and professionally. There’s nothing more important than taking care of yourself and making the time to do so. Carve a time out and make it work, using techniques like going to bed early so you have energy to wake up in the morning or cutting out dinners and cocktails a couple times a week.

You often text your clients to keep them on track with daily fitness and diet routines. If you’re not working with a trainer, what is the next best way to build a support system for yourself?

Working out with a friend is a great way to get motivated. Find someone who is in better shape than you and has good habits already in place. This will keep you more motivated, and you can learn how he or she does it. If you and your friend can’t meet up, try the app ‘Yog.’ It allows you to virtually run together. Even if you’re not in the same location, you can still hold each other accountable.

The holidays are a time of indulgence when rich food and abundant alcohol are constantly present. What are some tips for getting a healthy diet back on track following these months of excess?

It seems helpful for people to get on some sort of plan or structure for January. When it comes to nutrition, we recommend the Paleo Diet. This emphasizes eating protein, a variety of fruits, vegetables and nuts and reducing the intake of white flour (pastas and breads) and dairy. It is one of the best diets to improve your health as well as lose weight. It’s also important to set a plan and stick to it. The first three days are always the toughest, but it gets easier once you get through those first 72 hours. If you go out and eat poorly one night, get back on track the day after. Don’t let one bad night out ruin the following day or week.

Come March, it seems the new years rush has dwindled, and it’s back to the gym regulars. What is the best way to stay motivated after the initial rush of your resolution has worn off?

One of the reasons people fall off is because they do the same workout every time they go to the gym. It is important to vary your workouts so you constantly stimulate the muscles and mind to avoid boredom. Remember, it takes the body 3-5 workouts to become adjusted to a routine. Instead of waiting to get to the gym to figure out what you’re going to do, write it out on a piece of paper or in your phone before you get there. Another strategy is to time how long it takes you to do a particular routine and try to beat it next workout. To mix things up, add five minutes of sprints to your strength-training workout with a spurt in the middle and at the end.

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