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Live Out Your Westworld Dreams at Casteel Creek Retreat

Picture the ultimate dream home. Does it include a sprawling contemporary castle? Acres upon acres of trails for every imaginable outdoor activity? Stunning mountain views? Your own ice cream parlor? How about a jail cell (okay that’s a bit weird, but hey, it’s your dream house). Well you’re in luck, because not only does Casteel Creek Retreat come with all of this, it’s up for sale. You just need to wrangle up a cool $78 million and it’s yours.

Located in Edwards, Colorado, Casteel Creek Retreat is truly a one-of-a-kind estate. The property checks every item off of the “dream home” wish list of any outdoor lover, along with having a 32,000-square-foot residence that needs to be seen to be believed. 

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Like any luxury property, Casteel Creek Retreat has all of the high-end features you would expect. There’s a private movie theater, a spa, 8 bedrooms and 16 full bathrooms, a gourmet kitchen, a bar and game room, a full gym, and even elevators to get your from floor to floor. 

Finished in exotic granites, marbles, and wood inside that is complemented by wood, steel, copper and stone outside, the home offers up a contemporary take on the classic mountain rustic style. Double-height ceilings provide a sense of grandeur typical of hunting lodges and the color palette blends natural tones of browns and grays for a masculine look. But gone are the cliche dark rooms filled with plaids, animal heads, and antler chandeliers. In their place are bright open rooms with sophisticated touches like frosted glass floors on the mezzanine levels, subtle patterns, and a Chihuly chandelier.

Despite all of the opulence of the design and finishes, there is a welcoming comfort to the home that mountain hideaways are known for. Fireplaces abound, offering cozy spaces to unwind during those snowy Colorado winters. Massive windows frame stunning mountain views while allowing in plenty of natural light, making the already large rooms feel even more spacious. Exposed wood beams add a touch of warmth to some spaces while plush carpeting adds softness to others.

Casteel Creek Retreat is an estate in the truest sense of the word. Along with the main house, there is a fully furnished guest house, a caretaker’s cabin, and a Wild West-themed area complete with a primitive cabin, a saloon, an ice cream parlor, and a jail cell for rounding up outlaws. The saloon is an authentic replica of the historic Silver Dollar Saloon and there is a poker table outside of the jail cell so you can gamble while you keep an eye on the prisoners, making this more Westworld for adults than a Disney playground for kids. 

Keeping with the adult playground theme, the estate comes with 12 snowmobiles, 3 ATVS, a fully stocked trout pond, a shooting range, and a 25,000-square-foot recreation building that’s been outfitted with a five-story rock climbing wall. If all that still isn’t enough for you, the estate comes with a touring snowcat that seats 10 allowing you to explore the 439 acres once the land becomes blanketed in snow each winter. Casteel Creek Retreat offers everything we love about Colorado all on one stunning property. 

So who has a spare $78 million we can borrow? 

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