Late Night? Bookman Lights Will Guide You Home

When the phrase “bike accessories” is spoken, it’s easy to associate it with your childhood wheels. Baskets, bells and spoke knick knacks certainly pop into our minds. And though each can serve it’s own special purpose, making your bicycle safer and more useful, these accessories can also clutter your bike and even weigh it down. And because you have such sleek taste, you wouldn’t want those things to cramp your style. That’s where BOOKMAN Lights come in.

But wait, what is BOOKMAN? A group of Swedish industrial engineering students, with half a semester of school left to go, decided in 2009 they wanted to be their own bosses. And so, as dedicated cyclists themselves, they set out to invent a bike accessory that would complement rather than detract from their beloved mode of transportation. And so BOOKMAN was born with the USB Light as its front-running product.

What makes the BOOKMAN USB Light different from other bike lights? Glad you asked. Not only is it compact and lightweight, this tiny device is majorly bright: it boasts a visibility of more than 500 meters. It fits all bicycles and is easy to attach with its elastic rubber band fastener. The BOOKMAN USB Light is weather resistant, so it won’t get cranky in the rain, sleet or snow. It can run steadily for five hours or flashing for 25. Need to use it tonight? It fully charges in two hours, just enough time for you to sneak in a shower and disco nap before heading out.

Ready to go shopping? Of course you are. The BOOKMAN Light is available online at and retail stores across the United States.

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