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Labor Day Appliance Sales 2021: Best Deals You Can Shop Today

LG Studio Appliances in a kitchen with family members.

Labor Day appliance sales for 2021 are here. Online merchants didn’t waste time rolling out Labor Day sales for all product categories. Whether you’ve been waiting for this year’s Labor Day appliance deals to replace a tired refrigerator or clothes dryer or if you’re fitting out a new home or upgrading an entire kitchen or laundry, now is the time to start shopping. We have tracked the best refrigerator deals, oven deals, dishwasher deals, clothes washer and dryer deals, and more to be ready to share the best Labor Day appliance sales. We’ll update this post through Labor Day, so check back regularly if you don’t see what you’re looking for at this moment.

Labor Day Appliance Sales 2021

  • ABT Labor Day Appliance Sale: ABT’s Labor Day Appliance Sale is on and includes refrigerators, ranges, washers and dryers, range hoods, microwave ovens, and dishwashers. Shipping is free for sale items.
  • AJ Madison Labor Day Sale: AJ Madison’s Labor Day Sale of Quick Ship Appliances includes appliance packages, cooking appliances, refrigeration, dishwashers, laundry, air conditioners, and outdoor kitchens. For example, a Frigidaire Gallery Series 4-piece saves you $924 with free shipping within 24 hours.
  • Amazon Labor Day Appliance Sale: Amazon doesn’t generally sell large appliances, but this year Amazon’s Labor Day deals include refrigerators and a wide range of kitchen countertop appliances including Instant Pots, air fryers, Vitamix blenders and much more.
  • Appliances Connection Labor Day Sale: The 2021 Labor Day Sale at Appliances Connection includes discounts on thousands of in-stock appliances. Save up to 10% off select refrigerators, ranges, wall ovens, and microwaves. Get up to 15% off dishwashers, up to 20% off laundry pairs and beverage centers, and up to 30% off range hoods.
  • Best Buy Labor Day Appliance Sale: This year’s Best Buy Labor Day Appliance deals offer 24-month financing on appliance and Geek Squad purchases of $999 and up with the Best Buy credit card. Featured appliance sales include refrigerators, washers and dryers, freezers, ranges, dishwashers, and kitchen packages.
  • Dyson Labor Day Appliance Sale: Dyson Labor Day deals include savings of up to $150 on select Dyson cordless stick vacuums, air purifiers, and upright and canister vacuums.
  • Home Depot Labor Day Appliance Sale: Until September 15, you can save on select top brand appliances during Home Depot’s Labor Day Appliance sales. The greatest savings are on refrigerators, dishwashers, washers and dryers, cooktops, ranges, and range hoods.
  • Lowe’s Labor Day Appliance Sale: Lowe’s 2021 Labor Day Values include savings up to $500 on qualifying major appliances with free local delivery and 12-months special financing on purchases $299 or more. Sale ends September 15.
  • Overstock Labor Day Appliances Clearance Sale: Shop for anything from free-standing dual-fuel oven ranges to garage heaters, donut makers, and refrigerators during the Overstock Labor Day Clearance Sale.
  • Pampered Chef August and September Sales:  Pampered Chef has blenders, grills, air fryers, and more on sale for 25% off during August and will introduce new kitchen countertop appliances at special prices in September.
  • Walmart Labor Day Appliance Sale: Walmart invites you to end summer on a high note with extra-low prices with Walmart Labor Day savings on kitchen countertop appliances on brand names including Ninja, Pioneer Woman, Instant Pot, Keurig, Hamilton Beach, Farberware, Oster, and many more.
  • Wayfair Labor Day Appliance Sale: Wayfair offers up to 70% off during its Labor Day Clearance Sale. Special selections from Wayfair’s deep appliance selections include Samsung refrigerators, KitchenAid stand mixers, patio heaters, ranges, portable air conditioners, dryers, air purifiers, microwave ovens, and smart fans.

Labor Day Appliance Deals 2021

Whip up a flavorful cup of espresso in no time with the Barista Express. This elegant machine features both manual and automatic operations that can create great-tasting results, cafe style. more
This bundle includes a 25.6-cubic-foot side-by-side fridge, five-element electric range and self-cleaning stove, 54-decibel dishwasher, and a 1.8-cubic-foot over-the-range microwave. more
This oven has a large 4.8 cubic foot capacity and a versatile cooktop with multiple element options. more
Up $50 in rebates
KitchenAid bundle includes a 5-door French door refrigerator, 24-inch self-cleaning convection wall oven, 36-inch 5-burner gas cooktop, 30-inch wall-mounted range hood, and 44-decibel dishwasher. more
Whether you're baking a cake or cooking a turkey, this dual oven range lets you do both efficiently. It also has easy-to-control oven lighting that lets you see the inside of the oven while in use. more
This bundle includes a 25-cubic-foot side-by-side refrigerator, 55-decibel dishwasher, 5.3-cubic-foot four-burner freestanding electric range, and a 1.7-cubic-foot over-the-range microwave oven. more
Package includes a 29.5-cu. ft. smart French 4-door fridge with craft ice, 46-decibel 3-rack dishwasher, 6.3-cu. ft. slide-in electric range with convection oven, and 2.0-cu.ft. microwave with sensor. more
Package includes a 16.6-cubic-foot top-freezer refrigerator, four-element electric range with 5-cubic-foot oven, 1.6-cubic-foot over-the-range microwave, and 64-decibel dishwasher. more
The washer-dryer combo includes a 4.5-cu.-ft. high-efficiency top-load washer and a 7.4-cu.-ft. large-capacity top-load gas dryer with sensor, both in an attractive brushed black finish. more
Wash more in less time by pairing this 5-cubic-foot smart top-load washer, featuring TurboWash 3D tech, with a 7.3-cubic-foot smart electric dryer with sensing. more
Despite working with a heavy duty cycle and an advanced wash system, this Samsung dishwasher has an Energy Star, which means that it's an energy-efficient machine. more
This metallic slate duo includes a 4.8-cubic-foot high-efficiency front-load washer with steam and a 7.3-cubic-foot 12-cycle high-efficiency electric dryer with steam. more
If you're looking for a window air conditioner that can cover up to 260 square feet, the LG 6,000 BTU air conditioner is for you. It comes with 3 cooling and fan speeds, and a 24-hour on/off timer. more
This 1.6 cubic foot microwave is ready to cook alongside your stove with a number of preset cooking options and even its own ventilation system to keep your kitchen's air as fresh as your food. more
If you don't need anything too big, then this smart Midea air conditioner should do the trick, capable of cooling 275 square feet with 12,000 BTU and controllable with Alexa or the remote control. more
This bundle includes a 25-cu. ft. French-door refrigerator, 51-decibel dishwasher, 5.3-cu.ft. free-standing electric range with 5-elements and frozen bake technology, and a 1.9-cu. ft. microwave oven. more
This portable Whynter model has a 14,000 BTU cooling capacity and has three modes to suit your every need: air conditioner, air humidifier, or fan. more
This 1.2 cubic foot 4-in-1 Galanz microwave comes with everything but the kitchen sink, boasting air fryer, toaster, and convection oven capabilities in one stylish package that's worth the price. more
Bundle includes 21.8-cubic-foot four-door French door fridge, 30-inch 5-burner gas range with self-cleaning air fryer convection oven, 1.7 cu. ft. microwave with sensor, and 49-decibel dishwasher. more
This dishwasher can handle large volumes of dirty dishes with a height of 18 inches. Its large display screen shows easy-to-operate controls, which is perfect for newbies. more
A well-loved kitchen needs an oven that can handle its culinary demands, and this double electric wall oven from Frigidaire can definitely get the job done with twice the efficiency as a single oven. more
Built with premium alloy Italian burners, you can cook various dishes in this gas range's ultra-deep oven. The powerful burners allows food to fully cook or bake. more
Bundle includes a 27.4-cubic-foot side-by-side fridge, 55-decibel dishwasher, 5.9-cubic-foot freestanding 5-burner self-cleaning range, and a 1.7-cubic-foot over-the-range microwave oven. more
Savor the goodness of crispy fried food without the guilt. This little device uses powerful hot air perfect for not only for air frying but also for baking, broiling, and toasting. more
You won't have trouble cooking or baking for a large group with this oven's 6.0 cu. ft. capacity. The convection oven also has powerful fans that cooks food faster without undercooking it. more
The flexible and functional door-in-door feature of this GE fridge has a rotating bin to keep all of your favorites within easy reach. Built-in Wi-Fi brings your kitchen smarts to a new level. more
Both washer and dryer feature steam, which eliminates stains without the need for pretreating. more
The GE AHY12LZ air conditioner is a robust machine that can keep rooms cool for hours on end. With 12,000 BTU and three cooling and fan speeds, this option is a great option anyone can use. more
This bundle offers versatile and powerful washing options, with a 4.6-cu.-ft. top-load washer and a 7.2-cu.-ft. four-cycle front-load electric dryer. more
Up to $50 in Rebates
Package includes 18.2-cubic-foot top-freezer refrigerator, 4-burner 5-cubic-foot self-cleaning gas range, 1.6-cubic-foot over-the-range microwave, and a 63-decibel 24-inch dishwasher. more

Should You Buy New Appliances on Labor Day?

Shopping Labor Day appliance sales is a smart move. You may find somewhat less competition from other shoppers, but you’ll also discover loads of Labor Day appliance deals with aggressive discounts. Appliance sales during Labor Day 2021 in particular are highly attractive. Manufacturers and merchants ramped up production lines and inventories, respectively, to meet the surprisingly high demand for anything to improve the home started in mid-2020. Given that you’ll always do your best by starting with a strategy to buy the best appliance or appliances to match or exceed your needs while staying within your budget, you have loads of attractive choices this year. Consider the following factors whenever you shop for appliances for your home so you’ll make the best purchases. Happy deal hunting!

  • How Do You Use Your Current Appliances?: It can be a great thrill to walk into your newly upgraded kitchen full of all new appliances, but are they really a match for how you will use them? Here are two very opposite types of mistakes you don’t want to make: Underbuying individual appliances or purchasing a complete set and paying too much and blowing your budget on one or more appliances with features you’ll never use. If you’re an enthusiastic cook, whether you cook for yourself, for your family, or for crowds of friends, chances are you use all the features and capabilities of your range and oven. So if you buy down so your oven will have the same brand’s nameplate as your dishwasher and refrigerator, for example, you may find you’ve shorted yourself when you want to try new cooking techniques that exceed the capabilities of your new range. On the other hand, if you dip into your child’s college funds to pay for matching multi-door refrigerators and freezers but mostly what you prepare are frozen pizzas and warmed-up take-out leftovers, that’s like buying a Formula One car to take your kid to wait in the drop-off line. Size is a consideration with appliances, too. If you like to prepare meals or dishes for the week ahead and can’t fit the pre-cooked food in your fridge or freezer, that’s going to hurt, especially if you work on a tight weekly schedule and end up having to fit in another marathon cooking session. On the other hand, if you buy a 28-cubic-foot capacity refrigerator/freezer but all you have on hand are a bag of unground coffee beans and a half package of Klondike Bars, everyone will wonder, “Why?”
  • In  What Order of Priority Do You Need to Buy Replacements or New Appliances?: Picture this: You’ve paid to repair your failing clothes washing machine or refrigerator multiple times. You head online to finally buy the washer or the fridge you need and then you notice an extraordinary deal on a dual-fuel standalone range/oven combination in a snazzy European color from a coveted brand. You go for the glamour and excitement and the next day your washing machine floods two floors in your home or your refrigerator dies, with melted Klondike Bars everywhere (just kidding). Unless money is no object, stick to your priorities.
  • Will Your New Appliances Fit In?: “Fitting in” in this case has many meanings. If your appliances will replace older units, will the new models physically fit in the space between cabinets, walls, and other appliances? If the sizes are OK, what about color? Stainless steel, black, and white appliances are usually pretty close in color and finish between brands, but there’s often a noticeable difference. If you want all red appliances or another primary color or special finish, your chances of visual harmony in the kitchen diminish quickly.
  • Should You Buy All Appliances From One Brand?: There’s of course no rule that any two appliances in your home need to be the same brand. Matching washer and dryer sets are most common, especially when both are purchased at the same time. Manufacturers and retailers often have special package prices for multiple appliances purchased together. One common exception to the practice of same-brand unity in a kitchen is the dishwasher. I frankly don’t know why it’s the case, but my observation is that if one appliance will be a different brand, that appliance is most often the dishwasher. Overall, though, other than potential package savings and color and style matches, there’s no compelling reason to buy all appliances from one brand. If you do buy an appliance based on the best Labor Day appliance deal and you use the same strategy to outfit your home with all new appliances during the year, just tell anyone who asks that you are a discerning shopper who prefers to purchase based on suitability for the function, not just for color-matching.

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