This Bacon Candle Sure Makes Us Hungry For Breakfast

What do you want your man cave to smell like? Hint: dirty socks and pizza box is not the correct answer. In the spirit of grilling season and all things outdoors, we wish we could bring the rich smell of smoking meat inside without setting the house on fire. Fortunately for us and carnivores everywhere, The Yankee Candle Company’s latest addition to its Man Candle line is – you guessed it – MMM, Bacon!

The pork fat craze has been going strong for awhile, so bacon does seem like a logical step in the world of masculine home scents. And according to Brad Wolansky – President of Direct and Chief Marketing Officer of The Yankee Candle Company – the idea stemmed from much more than an educated guess.

“This is the second year for Man Candles because they’ve gotten such a huge response,” Wolansky said. “So we went to our very active Facebook community, took a poll and bacon was the number one request.”

It seems men have been getting more into the home scent game as of late with fragrances like tobacco and leather available wherever you go. And the customer who is buying a candle like MMM, Bacon! is putting a lot of thought into the type of atmosphere he wants to create for himself. “Last year, our CEO said ‘what about the men?,’ Wolansky said. ” So we created the line, and it just took off. Sometimes a guy has a man cave or special personal space, and we’re giving him what he wants to make it his own.”

And you will want to fill your cave with this mouth-watering scent. We were weary at first, afraid it would make our apartments smell like a greasy spoon. But fortunately, that’s not the case whatsoever. Burning MMM, Bacon! is like filling your home with the scent of a delicious grilled meal or earthy bonfire. It is indeed potent but not overwhelming. Just light up whenever you want to fill your home with the smell of a delectable meal, and maybe your next overnight guest will decide to stay for breakfast.

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