The Magic of Mukul

For people in most parts of the United States, the month of February truly represents the dog days of winter. The winter holidays are far behind and the mild spring weather just can’t seem to come soon enough.. If you haven’t had the chance to escape the ice and wind or are scratching your head about a spring break, this warm and relaxing spot may be just the ticket.

Mukul is a brand new hotel and spa located in Guacalito de las Isla, Nicaragua. The resort opened at the beginning of February and is in many ways the crown jewel of the burgeoning real estate boom in Nicaragua. Mukul is the vision of Don Carlos Pellas, a developer whose family has deep historical ties with the Central American country. Mukul’s mixture of luxury and sustainability are going to be, as Pellas says, “a game changer for Nicaragua.”

In order to do justice to Mr. Pellas’ hard work and planning, the Manual put together a slideshow of some of Mukul’s highlights, which should be convincing enough for you to get clicking and start day dreaming.