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The Amalfi Coast: Top 5

Italy is one of those countries that offer countless kick-ass destinations. If you’re craving a hefty slice of la dolce vita this summer, The Manual recommends heading to the glorious Amalfi Coast and holidaying like the Italians do. For your traveling pleasure, we’ve compiled our five favorite recommendations for a road trip to remember. Fiat 500 totally optional but absolutely recommended…

1. Walk the streets of Pompeii

If you fly into Naples airport, Pompeii is a mere 30 minute drive away and absolutely worth seeing. When Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD, the entire city was buried beneath metres of ash and pumice, which preserved the city at the time of the eruption eerily well. Walking the streets, with one eye on Vesuvius, is an experience you’ll never forget.

2. Sing your heart out and stuff your face at Taverna Allegra

Whether you’re a fan of audience participation or not, dinner at this unsuspecting taverna is bound to go down in history with you and your fellow holidaymakers. After enjoying a complimentary glass of prosecco, expect to sing along to a whole host of old favorites between delicious pasta courses. On quieter nights, the entire restaurant staff are known to grab an instrument and perform alongside the legendary main dude – you’ll know him when you see him. Be sure to bring a camera and your tambourine hand…

3. Kick back like a local at Marina di Puolo

The fact that this busy little bay is practically impossible to find makes spending an afternoon here all the more rewarding. Frequented almost exclusively by locals, the beach and eateries of Marina di Puolo provide a master class in Italian chilling. The Manual recommend indulging in a seafood platter at the wonderful family run restaurant, La Tavernetta, and soaking up some serious Godfather vibes.

4. Drive the coastal road from Sorrento to Ravello via Positano

Driving the winding cliff-edge coastal roads of the Amalfi will probably make you feel as skilled as James Bond and as cool as Frank Sinatra. The hairpin turns will send your adrenaline off the scale and the staggeringly beautiful ocean views will dare you to pull over at one of the many viewpoints. If you’re not feeling brave enough, stop off at the hillside village of Positano to take in some of the most picturesque views of the trip at your own pace. Vintage charm aside, the benefits of driving a miniscule Fiat 500 will become all to clear when you come face to face with a coach…

5. Get your alfresco on in Ravello

Nestled among the deep green valleys of Campania, the peaceful town of Ravello is the perfect chill out spot to spend the last part of your trip. Park up your ride and explore the ridiculously scenic town by foot, starting with the Villa Rufolo and Villa Cimbrone gardens. Whether plants are your thing or not, you’ll soon fall for the green, the peace and the soaring views over the endless Mediterranean. Continue the alfresco theme beyond sunset and splurge on a super fancy dinner within the grounds of Villa Maria. The restaurant offers an impressive menu and service to match, and naturally, the panoramic view is out of this world. Take in the jazz, order thoughtfully from the wine list and gauge yourself silly on homemade pumpkin ravioli. This place is the perfect grand finale to an awesome trip.

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