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Say Cheese: Your Guide to the Most Popular Cheeses in America

Fondue yourself a favor and read up on the most popular cheeses in the U.S. You feta believe it's an interesting list.

4 Swanky Real-Life Hotels Worthy of John Wick

Bold, classy, and dead sexy, these designer hotels are perfect for plotting your next hit.
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What is Cognac? A Quick Guide to the Classic French Spirit

If "The Ladies Man" Leon Phelps is the only thing you know about cognac, you need to check this out.
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5 Cognacs You Probably Haven’t Heard of for National Cognac Day

Take a sip from the ten percent of cognacs you've never heard of before.
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Sam Slaughter, Food and Drink Editor of The Manual, Brings Us a Cocktail Recipe Book With a Splash of ’90s Nostalgia

Now that the children of the 1990s are old enough to buy their own drinks, they’re old enough to make them too.
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Slip Your Toes into the Best Summer Socks of the Year

Getting your new sock wardrobe is as easy as going to Chipotle and even more important when the weather gets warm.
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A Simple Recipe for True Southern Fried Chicken

If you're not using this Southern staple as an ingredient in your fried chicken, you're doing it wrong.

The Best Long-Distance Bike Trails Across America

The best thing about bicycling is that it can take you to some amazing places. You can cover more miles than walking and, unlike driving, you’re still connected to your environment.
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These Riedel Glasses Were Made Specifically For Cocktails

Want to take your glassware game up a notch? Riedel has debuted a line of cocktail-specific glassware.

Bulldog Skincare for Men Wants to Takes Care of Your Face and the Planet

From all-natural ingredients to a new form of enviro-friendly packaging, Bulldog is doing its best to go green.
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How to Build the Perfect Charcuterie Board

Chef Jamie Bissonnette schools us on the dos and don't of building the perfect charcuterie board.
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5 Best Smokers and Smoker-Grill Combos to Enhance Your Meats

There is no better feeling than having the boys over for a mean rack of smoked ribs or chicken in your own backyard.
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GoLite Makes Performance Apparel from Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic

They wick, stretch, regulate temperature, and repel moisture, all while making use of recycled fibers.
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Red Bull Gets Back into the Soda Game with Red Bull Organics

Four new artisanal sodas have arrived to diversify from the common bar cry of "Vodka Red Bull!"
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Crack a Cold One and Get Used to It, Because the IPL is Your New Favorite Beer Style

What happens when you blend the big hops of the IPA style with lager yeast and brewing methods? Beautiful, beautiful things.

The Most Adventurous Wildlife Safari Tours in North America

For travelers seeking a nature-centric adventure, check out these wildlife safari tours that don’t require a trip across the pond.
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How to Host a Bottle Share: 5 Tips for Planning Your First Beer Tasting

Calling up a few like-minded friends to engage in a beer tasting is a perfect excuse to hang out and tick a few new beers off your own must-try list.
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This Easy and Delicious Pork Rub Recipe is Perfect for Summer Grilling

This pork rub recipe has a "balance of heat, sweet, and salt."