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Play golf and travel frequently? You need to join Links2Golf

Someone about to take a swing at a golf ball.
Mick Haupt / Unsplash

There are those that like to play their local set of 18 over and over, learning each hole to perfection, and there are those that like to explore and try something different from time to time. Here’s a deal for the adventurous of you. If you try Links2Golf, you can get exclusive rates on select courses 100 miles from your residence. And by “select” we mean hundreds and hundreds. In any event, a membership with Links2Golf encourages you to travel for your passions and not get stuck in a rut. Currently, memberships can come as low as ~$50/month, depending on how long you subscribe for at a time. Tap the button below to check out membership plans and keep reading to see what comes with the membership as well as a few highlighted courses that you can delight yourself in.

Why you should try Links2Golf

First, let’s discuss the membership benefits. You can get up to 50% off the guest green fee at all associated clubs, on four rounds of golf per month. Booking can be done through Links2Golf’s online service as late as 14 days in advance, giving you plenty of time to get in golf shape. Based on Links2Golf estimates, this service can save you up to $80/month in booking fees.

Next, let’s take a peek at where you can go to and enjoy membership benefits. There are clubs in 54 countries, and dozens upon dozens in each, so we won’t be able to ‘look at them . But there are some sure to appeal to your interests more than others:

  • If you’re going snowbirding to Florida during the winter, check out  in Ponte Vedra, a part of Northern Florida that doesn’t have the tourist density of the rest of the state. With Links2Golf you can get preferred access at the club that is featured in the PGA Tour. Check out THE PLAYERS Stadium Course and its 17th hole!
  • Hate the winter so much you want to make it summer? The in Melbourne, Australia should be right up your alley. Check out the water your ball might take a dip in on !
  • Prefer some Italian wine? The  in Roma, Italy is a perfect pairing and previous World Cup hoster.

If any of these destinations appeal to you, or you want to check out the clubs in Links2Golf’s network in your usual travel spots — again, they have clubs in 54 countries — be sure to tap the button below. With a full year of Links2Golf, you can be a member for an average of $50/month.

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