Death By Unga Bunga’s Refreshing New EP, ‘Fight!’

Death By Unga Bunga
For Death By Unga Bunga, success was a long time in coming, but 2016 has been a breakout year for the band. This past March, the Norwegian power pop group released Pineapple Pizza, their fourth album, and on September 9 the group simultaneously re-released their debut, Juvenile Jungle!, and released the brand new Fight! EP.

Death By Unga Bunga 'Fight!' art

The Fight! EP finds Death By Unga Bunga coming into their own. The band has branched out from its Sonics-influenced garage sound while remaining lively and producing even catchier melodies, resulting in a sound reminiscent of pop punk.

Death By Unga Bunga also seems to have found a working combination of irreverence, silliness, and earnestness. The cover of Fight! depicts a cartoon fist crashing into a face. The image if silly and simple, but the band’s message less so. Fight!, as they put it, “does not describe the band’s love for fist fights or meaningless quarrels, but…the fight for quality music.”

Death By Unga Bunga’s Fight EP is out now through Jansen Plateproduksjon, and is available on Amazon, iTunes, and Jansen Plateproduksjon’s online store.


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