The UEV-440 Trailer is like a Swiss Army Knife You Can Sleep In

uev 440 trailer like swiss army knife can sleep conqueror australia

I don’t care who you are – we’ve all had those daydreams of selling all our belongings, buying an old RV or teardrop trailer, and roadtripping across the country in a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants, Kerouac-style adventure. It’s definitely a tempting prospect, but before you hit up craigslist in search of a busted-ass Winnebago you can tow behind your Jeep, we highly recommend you check out this uber-badass trailer from Conqueror Australia.

We’ve seen some pretty amazing mobile living spaces before –including this one designed by an ex-NASA employee, and even a roof-mounted tent that folds out from the top of your car– but this one definitely takes the cake. Not only is it designed to handle practically any terrain you drag it through, it’s also has more features and functionality than most freestanding houses.

When it’s all folded up and compacted, the UEV-440 looks basically like any other trailer (save for some distinctly paramilitary exterior styling) but on the inside, it’s anything but. Like something of a tow-behind Swiss Army Knife, it folds out from its compact size to become an absolutely massive living space. Check out the video to see what we mean:

On the right side of this beast, there’s and entire kitchen and pantry — complete with a fold out food prep table, collapsible kitchen sink, dish storage space, fridge, freezer, and more storage shelves than you’ll know what to do with.

On the left, you’ll find even more storage, as well as a fold out panel that provides the interior with additional space. Fold-out panels like this can be found all over the trailer, as the entire thing is packed with expandable waterproof canvas sections that make it more roomy. Like a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly, this badboy can transform into a giant canvas tent.

We’ll let you dig into the remaining list of awesome features on your own, but in summary, this thing is an exercise in compactness and efficiency. Hell, even the spare tire grate doubles as three-legged grill you can put over the fire. And that’s just one of the models Conqueror Australia has to offer — check out the rest of the lineup here.