Pack Less, Shred More with the Minimalist Snowboard Carry System

pack less shred minimalist snowboard carry system screen shot 2013 11 12 at 35 03 pm
So it’s not quite ski season yet, and despite the fact that most resorts aren’t open at this point, there’s plenty of pre-season powder runs to be had in the backcountry right now. You’ve just got to be willing to trek out to find them.

Getting some early turns in means that one way or another, you’re going to have to hike your way up some gigantic, snow-covered hills (till the landslide brings you down?). For this reason, packing light is the name of the game. Weigh yourself down with too many Gatorades and GoPro cameras in a backpack, and you’re doomed to post-holing your way up the hill. Keeping things light means you can go further with less energy expenditure, so for those of you looking to go deep this winter, we highly recommend you get yourself a minimalist board carry system.

If you’re looking to  save money, you could easily MacGyver a workable board transport system together with a set of bungee hooks and some paracord, but if you don’t mind dropping $40 bucks, this ultralight strap system from Function is a far better option. Weighing in at only 84 grams, this hardy little strap system is made from cut-proof Hypalon, and packs down small enough to fit in a palm-sized Tyvek pouch. That means you don’t have to worry about it getting sliced open by your board’s edges, and you can easily stuff it in a pocket when you’re done using it. Talk about convenient!

Find out more on Function’s website.


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