Movember Brands that Give Back

Men don’t live as long as women. Sure, we’re more privileged in just about every other regard, but across the industrialized world, our life spans compared to the fairer sex are about 5 to 10 years shorter.

Why is this? Well, there are plenty of potential explanations, but a big one is that many of us simply don’t take care of ourselves. Since 2003, Movember — a month-long men’s health crusade that involves growing facial hair during the month of November — has sought to remedy this.

As you might guess, the Movember Foundation is far from alone in this endeavor. They’ve partnered with many organizations to help raise awareness of prostate cancer, testicular cancer, physical inactivity, poor mental health, and other health problems that affect men. If you’re looking to support men’s health this Movember while getting a head start on your holiday shopping, we advise you to check out these great brands:

Tommy John


Tommy John, a luxury undergarment company, has launched the Support Your Balls Campaign in an effort to increase awareness of testicular cancer and raise funds for research. This Movember, Tommy John is selling their uber-comfortable “No Adjustment Necessary” ball print underwear (in boxer brief and second skin styles) and are donating 5 percent of all proceeds to the Testicular Cancer Foundation. They will also donate an additional $10 every time a customer refers a friend, plus an additional $20 credit to the referrer and referee.   

Richer Poorer


Like Tommy John, Richer Poorer has also gotten in on the Movember action with an inspired goal of raising $50,000 directly for the Movember Foundation. Throughout November, Richer Poorer is donating 75 percent of the retail price of their Movember boxer brief, crew pocket tee, and crew socks–meaning your purchase of any of these long-lasting, super-comfortable “innerwear” items goes a long way toward men’s health research. Get the playfully printed boxer brief for $24 and $18 will be donated; get the simple crew neck tee for $32 and $24 is donated; or get the crew socks for just $12 of which $9 is earmarked for donation.



SAXX not only makes some amazingly comfortable underwear, they also do their part for men’s health. SAXX has partnered with the Movember Foundation and are donating $2 from each limited edition Movember Vibe Modern Fit  underwear sold. The Vibe Modern Fit underwear comes complete with a fun mustache print and features the Ballpark Pouch for your boys that is “designed for contact-free support. This 3D hammock-shaped pouch keeps everything in place, thanks to mesh panels that prevent skin-against-skin friction, and no exposed stitching for no-chafe comfort.” Keep your jewels safe while supporting their health, all for only $33.


to112 serum

TO112 might not be the best-known natural grooming products company, but it is certainly one that gives back. “TO112” is actually an abreviation for Tamanu oil, the natural ingredient that prompted its creators to embrace a natural, holistic line of body and grooming products, with “112” being the first three numbers of the Fibonacci sequence–a mathematical pattern found frequently in nature and which is reflective of the brand’s ethos of bringing all-natural, high-quality ingredients to the grooming world. For Movember, TO112 is donating 25 percent of their November sales of their Console Normal Hair Serum to the Movember Foundation. The serum is “formulated with a trio of nourishing oils (argan, jojoba, and tamanu) that improve hair health. The fresh, citrus-scented serum, penetrates deep into facial hair to leave it feeling silky and smooth. Use it on your mustache to twist up an English, Imperial or Handlebar. Its also ideal for keeping beards from looking unruly.” You can also use it, you know, for the hair on top of your head. Keep your ‘stache well-oiled and your conscience clean for only $21.

Beard Paw


Beard Paw, a cleansing beard wipe designed to clean your beard without water, will tackle any leftover bits of food or sauce stuck in your whiskers, along with any smells that came with it.
Made from 100 percent cotton pads that won’t leave sticky little white fibers in your beard, a few thorough swipes of the wipe and you’ll feel refreshed and ready to take on any task knowing your face won’t betray you with a rogue poppy seed or scandal-inducing sauce stain. For the month of November, Beard Paw is donating a whopping 50 percent of their sales to two men’s health research foundations: and the Sean Kimerling Testicular Cancer Foundation.



Though you may be growing out your mustache for Movember, you’ll likely be shaving the rest of your face. When you do, you’d do well to have Harry’s high-quality aftershave balms, razors, and other grooming products. This is an especially great time to do so, as Harry’s is selling the Harry’s x Movember Truman Set for $15 — $1 of which goes straight to the Movember Foundation. The set includes one limited edition Movember handle, one foaming shave gel (4 oz), three German-engineered blade cartridges, and one travel blade cover.   


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