Forget Rudders,This Yacht Bends its Hull to Turn

forget ruddersthis yacht bends hull turn screen shot 2014 03 17 at 12 20 58 pm

We’ve seen some pretty flossy luxury yachts before, but this concept boat from designer Timon Sager is on a whole new level. In addition to it sleek, ultra-modern design, the vessel (dubbed Nimue 490) features a flexible nose that allows it to initiate turns without the help of a rudder.

At first glance, the vessel’s tadpole-like shape seems to suggest the the slimmer tail section is the stern, but it’s actually the bow. The sharp nose helps it cut through the water, and thanks to three different built-in flex points, the front section makes turning at high speeds easier and more efficient, since the design helps minimize drag.

The nose isn’t the Nimue 490’s only interesting feature though. The sleek, futuristic boat also has a windscreen that extends all the way to the back, which essentially makes it function like a roof as well. And if you should ever run into some nasty weather on the high seas, it’s even equipped with pull-out panels that can turn the windscreen into a fully-enclosed pod.

nimue 490

The yacht is still just a concept at this point, but in theory its 49-foot body is big enough to hold you and seven friends, and (based on computer models) should be able to reach speeds of up to 42 knots under optimal conditions.

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