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While working as a brand consultant for brands like TOMS, Kraft and Lincoln, Rachel Shechtman came up with a clever idea: Why not create a space where brands and consumers could come together? Shechtman viewed herself as a matchmaker of sorts, so she found a 2,000-square-foot spot on 10th Avenue and 19th Street in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood. According to its website, “STORY is a retail concept that takes the point of view of a magazine, changes like a gallery and sells things like a store.”

So, every four to eight weeks, STORY completely changes its DNA, from the store design and light fixtures all the way up to the fixtures and stock it carries. Its purpose is to tell a “story” for brands. The first brands included Color, Making Things and Made In America. So far, the events at STORY have included everything from a pasta-making class to a talk by a TED veteran. At the moment, it houses TOMS Roasting Company, a fusion of TOMS shoes and a cool neighborhood café. Purchase a cup and provide a week’s worth of clean water to a person who needs it.

Some of the scheduled events include a talk by the New York Times best-selling author Adam Grant on May 19 and a 6-Word Story Slam on May 12. So, if you want to learn more about this STORY, head over there and check it out! We promise you’ll have a great time there while doing something that goes to a good cause — and maybe even an idea or two.

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