Las Vegas Smells Better Thanks to House of Creed

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It’s not called Sin City and advertised with the tagline “What Stays in Vegas…” for nothing. Las Vegas is an epicenter for shenanigans, general depravity and badly behaving bachelor parties. Between high stakes poker (or nickel slots, if you prefer), a raucous party scene that literally never stops (day clubs!) and booze for days, shopping is probably the last thing on your mind. But if the Disney-like The Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace is any indication, people like to blow their winnings on new stuff (besides at the multitude of strip clubs) between stretches of vice. A better option to that logo-laden designer crap is the newest and definitely best smelling addition to the consumer playground—The House of Creed.

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Only the second boutique in the entire United States, the French perfume brand decided this desert oasis was the perfect place to go after, not just the high rolling Americans, but also the deep pocketed internationals that flock here to lose their shirts. Basically a futuristic-looking box, all glass, lacquered and metal surfaces, the shop is impossible to miss. It’s decidedly modern for a very old fragrance house. Creed has come a long way since its first venture into supplying clothing and scented gloves to the royal court of Jolly Old England (before it crossed the Channel). It’s probably a good idea to stock up on the brand’s cult favorites Green Irish Tweed and Aventus for you (Consider spritzing yourself from head to toe to cover up any evidence of whatever very bad things you got up to the night before) and maybe pick up a bottle of Millesime Imperial for the missus to make up for said high jinks.


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