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Naturals Brand Yes To Carrots Says Yes to Men

naturals brand yes to carrots says men feature
After starting with a range of natural skincare that extolled the wonders of the carrot, beyond making an excellent nose for Frosty, Yes To expanded to various other fruits and vegetables. Each piece of produce was picked based on the benefits it offered to skin, hair and body. Tomatoes happen to be high in lycopene, an antioxidant that kicks ass at battling blemishes, so it’s packed into the line for acne-prone skin. And the coconut, specifically its oil, moisturizes like a mofo.


For its latest trick, the affordable naturals brand is doing something for the dudes. Sure, you can use any of the unisex collections, but Natural Man specifically focuses on the needs of man skin. For instance, guys tend to prefer bar soap over shower gel so they offered a bar that is far from the average crummy, crumbly cake. The jet-black bar is so colored because it contains deep cleaning activated charcoal, basically a detox for your skin, plus there’s aloe in there to soothe and soften everything. And not to generalize but guys aren’t the most vigilant about sun protection so the daily moisturizer has you covered with SPF 15 even if you don’t care. (But you should.) For the non-bearded types, there is a shaving cream packed with calming aloe, hydrating vitamin E and almond oil, and alcohol-free after-shave to chill your freshly sheared face with more aloe, menthol, and tea tree oil. For anyone who’s ever been to busy to bathe post workout and maybe offended anyone within 20 feet with a sense of smell, you’ll want to stock up on the Shower To-Go Cleansing Cloths, which do what the name suggests with a blend of mentha citrata leaf extract, vitamin E and caffeine. That’s not to say you shouldn’t eventually hit the shower, but these will stop the stink until you can wash up for real.


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