Kiehl’s new anti-Aging Skincare for Men Will Turn Back Time

kiehls new anti aging skincare line will turn back the hands of time kiehlslede

Not to generalize, but it does seem the case that men tend not to go out of their way to prevent the ravages of aging. You guys have some bad habits. For instance, not using protection against the evil death rays of the sun, passing out in bed without washing off the grime of the day, and going sans moisturizer on the daily. These are things women are practically hardwired to do to keep the wrinkles and sagging skin at bay. And though at first men do age better than women, by age 50 there is a precipitous drop in both hydration levels and skin thickness, which all translates to deep wrinkles, dark circles, sagging. Kiehl’s decided to zero in on men’s skin needs and concerns to create a hardcore age fighting range—Age Defender.

One way it’s geared towards you is that it’s a total of three products because guys don’t appreciate a time-consuming five-step regimen like their lady cohorts. The three products work together to get the job done:

  • Within the range, there is a superhero of a Serum that does the heavy lifting.
  • A lightweight firming Moisturizer that will convince grease-prone faces to start hydrating and, as a bonus, offers exfoliating action.
  • And the Eye Repair Cream to take care of the crow’s feet and unwanted baggage.

They harness the power of natural ingredients, like Cypress, Linseed, and Rye Seed Extracts, to help you relive your youth, or well, at least get back a few years of your life on your face. Even if you’re not quite at the point in your life when you start seeing the signs of your bad behavior, it can’t hurt to start caring a little and slathering the stuff on.