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Adult Male Human: Ethical and organic grooming products

adult male human, organic grooming
In this day and age, you never know what you’re going to get when it comes to grooming products. The industry is severely unregulated, which means that the shampoo, aftershave, or soap that you use could be full of chemicals that could be potentially damaging to your health. Adult Male Human, a new grooming line whose ethos is: “Extraordinary men’s grooming. Non-toxic, paraben, petro-free, cruelty-free,” brings you a line of men’s grooming products that are free of everything that you don’t want: petrochemicals, toxins and paraben. They also don’t harm animals when making their products.

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At the moment, Adult Male Human consists of a nourishing, coconut milk hairstyling cream, face and beard oil, an alcohol-free hand cleanser, luxe balms, handcrafted shave soaps, an all-natural and mineral sunscreen. The luxe balms are made from premium oils, butters and essential oils, ingredients like black pepper, dark chocolate extract, hemp seed oil, organic beeswax, rosemary, vitamin E and more, and comes in three scents: black pepper, bergamot, vanilla, oud; chocolate, amber, vetiver, cardamom; and unscented. The natural, handcrafted shave soaps are 100 percent natural, vegan and cruelty-free, and come in African Black complexion soap, Spicy Orange and Lavendula. The nourishing beard oil is made from an organic blend of Argan oil, Castor Oil, Tamanu Nut Oil, Baobab Oil, Sandalwood EO, and Vanilla Co2, while the alcohol-free hand cleanser is laboratory proven to kill 99.99 percent of most germs.

So do something good for yourself and the environment; check out Adult Male Human to find grooming products that are good for you.

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