Drink to This: The Cocktail Chart of Film and Literature

the cocktail chart of film and literature pop lab s
Have you ever wondered what was in a Flaming Moe? Or how to make Don Draper’s Old Fashioned? Or Jay Gatsby’s Gin Rickey? The Cocktail Chart of Film and Literature will take you on a journey through the libations of your favorite movies and books.

“Our love of libations is no big secret—we’ve charted the varieties of beer, the constitutions of cocktails, the manifold martinis, and the breakdown of alcohol at large,” says Will Prince, managing editor of Pop Chart Labs. “Our infographic-crazed poster company was actually borne from a love of books and literature. Or perhaps more accurately, our obsession with narrative—the way data can come together to tell a story, be it through prose, the moving image, or the snaking tendrils of a chart. So for this poster we plumbed the deaths of our book knowledge and cinephilia to come up with story-specific tipples. We realized quickly that so many of our favorite characters were actually immediately associated with alcoholic drinks: Bond’s shaken-but-not-stirred martini; The Dude’s White Russians; the many, many drinks of Fitzgerald and Hemingway’s gilded age guzzlers. And our research further confirmed our suspicions: fictional characters, across all mediums, love to drink.”

All our favorite characters do love to imbibe, and this chart is a great conversation starter in any kitchen, living room or kitchen. Pop Chart Labs even had a little fun with it, adding some drinks that aren’t meant for actual consumption, like Edgar’s Sugar Water — lots of sugar with tap water — from Men in Black, or the Flaming Moe, which consists of Krusty-Brand cough syrup, cigarette ash and drops of various liquors. Rest assured though, all the other recipes are for real.

“The infographic is mathematically and culinary sound, making the chart not just a cheat sheet for impressive literary references, but also a useful tool for your next cocktail party,” says Prince. “We took great care in making sure all of the ingredient ratios were proportional.”

So go ahead, if you want to have a little fun with your cocktails, get this handy infographic for hours of drinking and amusement.

The Cocktail Chart of Film and Literature, $27 at popchartlab.com.

the cocktail chart of film and literature pop lab

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