Giveaway: Finex Cast-Iron, American-Made Grill Pan and Sauce Pot

finex giveaway

We’ve done some pretty fun giveaways recently here at The Manual. From Benchmade knives to 52 pairs of Gold Toe socks to Yeti coolers, but there’s one key product area that’s been lacking lately in our giveaway department — and that’s the kitchen. So, to rectify this no-kitchen-situation, we teamed up with local Portland cast-iron cookware company, Finex to bring to you what we think is our best giveaway yet.

Two lucky winners will each receive Finex’s new 15-inch Lean Grill Pan, along with the classic Cast-Iron ASauce Pot. Both products are guaranteed to last your entire lifetime and both products would be fantastic holiday gifts for the home-chef in your life. Total retail value of the prize is $275.

For examples of what you can cook using Finex’s stunning skillets, grill pans, and pots, check out our video recipes for the best fried chicken ever and this cast-iron seared tuna steak.

Two Grand Prize Winners Will Receive:

15-inch Lean Grill Pan

finex 15 inch cast iron lean grill pan

Finex’s latest product is a new take on the classic cast iron grill. With innovative domed interior channels which direct fat and oils to the edges and away from the central cooking surface, the 15-inch Lean Grill Pan helps your food achieve “lean” status. Throw on the best marbled steaks you can find and watch as the excess fat drains away, leaving only flavor (and not extra calories) behind. Perfect for grilling burgers, veggies, chicken, or even sandwiches, this pan is so versatile, it may never leave your stove top.

One-Quart Sauce Pot

finex cast iron 1 quart sauce pan on marble countertop

Finex’s one quart cast iron sauce pot features a super thick bottom. As the brand notes, “So much of what makes a good sauce great is the sugar content and that same sugar can easily caramelize, scorch, or separate if it gets overheated. Our cast-iron sauce pot prevents that.” It’s good for so much more than sauces. Polenta, grits, baked beans — this sauce pot can handle it all. Want a tiny dessert just for yourself? Bake it in this bad boy!

And the icing on the cake with these two pieces of cast iron cookware? They are lookers. From the spiral handles engineered to keep cool no matter the temperature on your range to the iconic geometric pan design, Finex cast iron is just as delicious to see as it is to eat from.

And what good is cast iron cookware if you don’t know how to take care of it? Learn more from Finex founder, Mike Whitehead in our video tutorial to cleaning and caring for cast iron.

Finex Cast Iron Grill Pan Giveaway