Feel Good Friday – Sydney Hale Candles

feel good friday sydney hale candles

We know dudes aren’t rushing out to buy the latest candle, but you really should. Just like an organized kitchen, quality sheets and champagne in the fridge, candles can really impress the ladies. Let’s just say they show your softer side; light one after a long night, and serious magic can happen.

That said, we aren’t supporting the ‘Daffodils and Daisies’ scented nightmares. Let us introduce you to Sydney Hale Company. We discovered them at the Garden & Gun Jubilee and were attracted to the scent, packaging and their commitment to helping Lost Dog Rescue.

feel good friday sydney hale candles

Family owned and operated in Purcellville, Virginia (the brand name comes from a combination of family names), the small batch soy candle and room spray company has been around since 2007. With scents such as Bourbon + Brown Sugar, Tobacco + Sandalwood and Woodsmoke + Amber, there is nothing to worry about when lighting one of these up pre-date or post-house party to give your pad a little whiff of wonder.

Back to their feel good factor. Sydney Hale works with Lost Dog Rescue and is dedicated to giving 10% of their sales to the non-profit. You can also purchase awesome dog leashes, collars and bowls from our friends at Found My Animal on the site as well.

We appreciate they are all about Reuse & Recycle, and customers are encouraged to send in photos of how they use the glass once the candle melts away. We think the whiskey tumbler is pretty perfect.


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