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The Manual Wind: Panerai Made 99 Pieces and You Won’t Get One

the manual wind panerai made 99 pieces and you wont get one pam00672 firenze
In the artisan world, describing something as ornate is common.  In order for an artist to show their true potential, they might reach the point of ornate.  Over-the-top or contrived design is not all bad though.  In the case of the new Panerai PAM 672 Firenze 3 day, artisans went to town creating a limited edition that is the best kind of ornate.


Created exclusively for the Panerai boutique in Firenze, Italy, the PAM 672 takes one of Panerai’s latest models, the Radiomir 3 day, and gives it the artisan treatment.  This limited edition of 99 pieces has an exquisite hand engraved stainless steel case.  Each case takes one week to complete.  To accompany this masterpiece, the 3-day power reserve movement is laser engraved for added detail.  The dial is just as nice as the case.  A grey sunburst dial creates a sandwich with a well matched patina luminescence.  “Firenze” with a lilly mark the dial as well setting it apart.  A vintage brown calf strap attaches this masterpiece to the wrist with a tang buckle.

There is something to be said for detail.  This piece is not complicated, does not have any wild avant garde design, nor does it scream form the owners wrist.  This is a great example of ornate done right.  There are few watches more classic than the Panerai Radimoir.  With amazing hand detailing and dial contrast that is eye-catching yet subdued, Panerai has created a limited edition with the prefect blend.  We should thank them for taking 99 weeks to create these 99 pieces.  Good luck trying to get one though.

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