Feel Good Friday -@BrotherhoodoftheTravelingPants

If any of y’all are missing the fun, frolicking, boozy days of summer, this story may make you a tad nostalgic.

Way back in the summer of 2014 a crew of dudes blew up on Instagram with their handle, @TheBrotherhoodoftheTravelingPants. It didn’t hurt that vineyard vines took notice and helped out.

It all started at the Gold Cup Steeplechase outside of Washington DC when one kid from the group of post-grads, ‘Dunks’, stole his friend’s ‘Voons’, very colorful pants and wore them around town and snapped pictures of himself in the pants to antagonize Dunks. “The Brotherhood of the Traveling Pants” was coined, and the group of guys reached out to vineyard vines for more pants to continue the shenanigans. Realizing that these guys truly embodied the brand’s motto of “Every Day Should Feel This Good” – vineyard vines jumped at the chance to collaborate and donated their new Breaker pants for the boys to sport while wiffle balling on the Vineyard to paddle boarding in Costa Rica and barefoot waterskiing off Daufuskie Island in South Carolina.

Over the next six months @TheBrotherHoodoftheTravelingPants Instagram account blew up to over 10,000 followers, from its mere 40 followers before linking up with the iconic preppy brand. Their posts have an average of a 10% interaction rate, high compared to the industry average of 3%. As for the Feel Good Friday angle, vineyard vines has also designed custom ties for The Brotherhood, with proceeds going towards the John Frankel Memorial Scholarship, in memory of their friend who passed away after a car accident at Davidson College in 2010.

To celebrate this partnership and capture the life loving spirit of The Brotherhood of the Traveling Pants, vineyard vines has created a video on the project that you can check out below.

 Follow the brothers on Instagram @brotherhoodofthetravelingpants and stay tuned for their summer adventures in our VV pants with #WhenInPants.

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