Feel Good Friday – Ace Rivington

It’s getting to be nice and crispy outside around most of America, the perfect season for sweatshirts. As much as we love the raggedy one we have had since college, it’s good to invest in something new that your date won’t be embarrassed to be seen with you wearing. That is where the new company, Ace Rivington comes into play.

We love that the company only makes sweatshirts (for now!) and has been working on the feel and fit for some time. In fact, they aren’t just sweatshirts but ‘Homespun French Terry Sweatshirts” thank you very much. Made in Los Angeles, they are constructed of super soft fabric with superior construction. As the founder Beau Lawrence told us, “This sweatshirt is sophisticated enough to fly around the world – and comfortable enough to make it worth the trip.”

Launched on Kickstarter in January of 2014, Ace Rivington is a clothing company based on a character – Ace Rivington. He’s the embodiment of today’s American man, an independent blend of the vintage and modern that’s always in style. The grandson of a barnstormer, Ace learned to fly at age 12 by piloting a beat up sea plane around Alaska. Today, he flies all over the world as a private jet pilot. But the brand isn’t just about Ace’s style, it’s also about his adventures.

Beau Lawrence, Founder and President of Ace Rivington, has over 17 years of experience working in design and development of men’s jeanswear. The former Director of Product Development at Guess and VP of Design and Merchandising at Neff Headwear, Lawrence ventured out on his own in November of 2013. I launched this brand based on a unique fabric, a dream and a pilot’s story. “When I came across it, all I could think was that I wanted to live in this fabric.” Within weeks of finding the fabric, he quit his job, incorporated the brand, made his first prototype and launched on Kickstarter. With overwhelming interest and support, Ace Rivington was successfully funded at over 200% of goal, raising over $60,000 in 34 days.

Truly a brand with a story, each seasonal catalog will have a destination theme that will include a travel guide as well as timeless designs inspired by the location.

As for the Feel Good Friday angle, social responsibility is very important for the brand and they wanted to partner with a non-profit that resonated with them and had to do with aviation. Mending Kids International was a perfect fit.

The collection will be available both in the catalog online, and in select specialty, boutiques, starting with Fred Segal Man in Santa Monica where they launched in late August 2014.

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