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The 10 Best Luxury Outerwear and Coats for Men

Man dressed in coat holding a cup of coffee.

A good jacket or coat is not only a practical necessity when the weather turns cold, but it is also arguably the most essential style accessory. You might have great shoes, pants, shirts, and other wardrobe items, but—like Lebowski’s rug—the right jacket really ties everything together. To that end, we’re here to talk about the best luxury outerwear.

Dress assured, these recommendations are anything but arbitrary. Each of these has been worn first-hand by the writer of this article, and you can browse them with confidence knowing that they truly represent some of the best designer jackets and coats for men. They’ve been selected to suit a range of styles and price points, but all of them deliver outstanding luxury and superior style.

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Best Shearling Coat: Pendleton Brownsville Shearling-Collar Coat

Pendleton Brownsville Shearling-Collar Coat on white background.

This is a really great shearling coat not only because it’s super warm and cozy thanks to the fact that it’s made of Pendleton wool, but because of its unique, southwestern-influenced aesthetic. Like everything Pendleton makes, this coat will stand out in a crowd and offer a singular level of quality. This is the kind of jacket that gets passed down through the generations.

Best Trench Coat: Burberry Mid-Length Chelsea Heritage Trench Coat

Burberry Mid-length Chelsea Heritage Trench Coat worn by a model.

There is perhaps no piece of outerwear more iconic than a trench coat, but while the leading men from film noir might have pulled off the classic design perfectly in the days of yore, there’s something about it that hasn’t looked quite right in the modern world. Burberry has solved this by making their trench coat a bit shorter and more form-fitting.

Best Wool Coat: Billy Reid Boiled Wool Coat

Billy Reid Boiled Wool Coat on white background.

One of the most classic coats that belong in every man’s wardrobe is a heavier wool coat. While generally fairly straightforward and minimalist in nature, this take from the renowned designer Billy Reid has a somewhat more fitted, contemporary vibe that will look great whether on the way to the office or heading out on the town.

Best Luxury Outdoor Jacket: Columbia Barlow Pass 550 TurboDown Jacket

Columbia Barlow Pass 550 TurboDown Jacket on white background.

When you need a coat that delivers noteworthy style and luxury but that will still provide ample warmth and functionality when venturing into the cold and snow for a bit of outdoor adventure, this jacket from Columbia delivers. Not only is it super warm and packed with smart, useful features, but it looks amazing.

Best Light Jacket: Paige Scout Jacket

Paige Scout Jacket worn by a model.

When you need something light to throw on when it’s just a little cool outside, this jacket from Paige will make you look super cool all over. At a glance it looks elegantly minimalistic, but the more you pay attention the more you realize that it’s been cut to fit—and look—just right.

Best Down Jacket: Cotopaxi Fuego Hooded Down Jacket

Cotopaxi Fuego Hooded Down Jacket worn by a model.

There are a ton of puffy down jackets on the market, but these days it seems like most of them all look the same. This jacket from the hip outdoor brand Cotopaxi, however, is not only tailored to provide a better fit than other jackets, but is available in some truly unique, eye-catching color options.

Best Blazer: Faherty Reserve Knit Summer Blazer

Faherty Reserve Knit Summer Blazer over a blue button down polo.

There are many, many great blazers out there, and to choose one as the best is something of an exercise in futility. We’ve decided to go with this one from Faherty, however, because it so perfectly strikes the balance between business-appropriate refinement and everyday-casual wearability.

Best Peacoat: Billy Reid Bond Peacoat

Billy Reid Bond Peacoat on white background.

While there are a lot of different varieties of peacoat, when you’re going for the classic cut, it’s hard to find one that’s more iconic than this outstanding coat from Billy Reid. You’ll find few coats that fit so perfectly, or that remain so consistently stylish as fads come and go.

Best Denim Jacket: Woodies Denim Trucker Jacket

Woodies Denim Trucker Jacket over a white shirt.

While a denim jacket is one of the standard pieces of spring and summer attire, it seems like they never seem to fit just right, generally ending up way too baggy. Woodies solves this by allowing you to customize not only how your jacket is cut and fitted, but even little details like the buttons and inner label. The end result is a denim jacket that looks super sleek.

Best Snow Coat: Lululemon Glacial Front Parka

When you need warmth, period, this parka delivers. Extra thick and soft, it’s the kind of coat that will keep you comfortable through hours of being out in the snow, and it looks great to boot.

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