Boo Ya Britain:The Pop Up Flea Hits London

Any man who has been fortunate enough to be in New York for one of the Pop up Fleas created by ACL founder Michael Williams and his bud Randy Goldberg has had a taste of what heaven is probably like. Started in 2009 there are heritage brands, vintage goods, new designers crafting quality products, booze, music and man cave wilding all in one.

Since ‘Murica is influencing style around the world these days (Tin cloth in Tokyo! L.L. Bean boots in Britain!), the Pop Up boys decided to roll out their goods in London this Friday. It’s very hard to get the English in a stew about anything, but with Shinola, Levis, Tanner Goods and Todd Snyder heading their way, you can almost hear the collective twitching of mustaches in eager anticipation.

If you are over the pond, check it out and report back via Instagram (@TheManualStyle) or Twitter (@TheManualGuide/@pop_up_flea) so we can all relish in watching the English get a sartorial ass whoopin’.

Event address:

211/214 Piccadilly

St James’s, London, W1

Friday, Oct 11th: 3pm to 8pm

Saturday, Oct 12th: 11am to 7pm

Sunday Oct 13th: 12pm to 6pm

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