Showcase your drinking habits with the Beer Cap Map

It may be impossible to actually retrofit your living room wall with 99 bottles of beer, but thankfully, there are ways to chart your drinking habits that don’t require an excess of bottles constantly looming over your head waiting for the next earthquake to strike. One such solution comes from the mind of Wisconsinite Jesse Darley, who recently came up with the aptly-titled Beer Cap Map ($40+) as a decorative way for beer drinkers to showcase their alcoholism — err, their craft-beer expertise and hoppy connoisseurship — upon whatever wall they see fit in their home or workplace.

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Constructed of ¼-inch veneered plywood and sealed to resist warping, each U.S. map features a dedicated slot for each state, one in which you can insert a top taken from your favorite pale ale, amber, or porter. The company also conveniently makes maps for individual states, encapsulating everything from Alaska and California to Florida and Georgia, with the intention of manufacturing all 50 states in the union by May 1. Although each state map varies in size, each showcases a melange of cap-sized holes and features a simple etching indicating the location of the state capital.

However, though each map makes use of the company’s cookie-cutter approach, the resulting grain pattern distinctly differentiates one map from another. Other regions — notably Germany and Canada — are also said to be on the way and entering prototype phase, though, there’s no official word on availability as of yet. Regardless, properly commemorating that cross-country road trip of yours just got a whole lot easier.

Check out the complete selection of Beer Cap Maps online to make a purchase, or the company’s official Facebook page to request a map of your surrounding area.

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