Valcucine Kitchens are the Best in the World

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We’re all about innovative design here at The Manual. We don’t want our houses and gear just to look great, we also need them to function at the highest level possible. And when it comes to the home, this couldn’t be truer for any room more than the kitchen. It should look neat and tidy but be fully equipped, whether you’re heating leftovers or cooking a full feast from scratch. Not only does Valcucine design the coolest hyper-innovative kitchen systems we’ve ever seen, they do it sustainably too.


Under the umbrella of DOM Interiors – a company housing some of the most modern, high-end kitchens and closet systems – Valcucine actually specializes in sustainability. The brand designs kitchens that are 100% recyclable and as dematerialized as possible, using zero formaldehyde emissions and only wood that doesn’t come from the destruction of primary forests. As Valcucine is an Italian brand and most Italians actually take their kitchens with them when they move, all of their systems are easy to disassemble. So even though they come at a luxury price point, it’s something you will have forever.


We did a walk-through of the DOM Interiors showroom, and these kitchens are seriously incredible. Our favorite of the bunch is the Artematica Vitrum Arte program, designed by Gabriele Centazzo. Clean, minimalistic lines dominate the structures, made with a base of aluminum and a slew of different materials like layered high pressure laminate, wood, lacquered MDF and glass. They’re lightweight with smart doors that meet in the middle and close silently. But what makes this system really specially is the customizability. Valcucine perfected a technique that makes it possible to reproduce paintings and drawings on glass fronts, so your own work or that commissioned by an artist can be used to make your kitchen one of a kind.

It’s difficult to explain how cool this system is if you don’t see it in action, so check out the video below to really understand what the fuss is all about.

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